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When Dehydration Becomes More Than Needing a Drink of Water

The other day my hubby told me of an odd thing that happened to him at work. He had a slight headache as he was driving in, and by the time he sat down to his dual monitors he wasn’t able to focus on them. He said everything had a kaleidoscope look to it. As […]

Still Not Convinced You Should Change the Way You Clean?

If you’ve been waiting on a particular study to come out that would finally get you to move away from mass-produced cleaning products, a group of scientists at University of Bergen in Norway have just done you a huge favor. As reported in Newsweek, the researchers of the study offered the startling comparison that the […]

Why Do I Sneeze When It’s Sunny? And Other Fun Gesundheit Facts

Sneezing is an odd sensation, right? Sometimes you can feel it coming and look for ways to speed up the relief it offers. Other times, the sneeze comes out of nowhere and ends up being the loudest noise you’ve made in months. Some of us are big, boisterous sneezers, some are silent sneezers, and some […]

Aphrodisiacs – Fact or Folklore?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and those of you hoping to celebrate romantic love may be planning to stock up on some good ol’ aphrodisiacs to add some spice to your repertoire. But first, are they worth adding to your shopping list? Aphrodisiacs: are they fact or a bunch of bogus folklore? Let’s dig in a […]

Stress: Take Control or It Will Control You

If you’re a human walking the planet Earth, it’s safe to say you deal with stress on a daily basis. Stress is not only inevitable, but it also helps us get shit done when it needs to get done. The way you move through your day, from the time you wake up in the morning […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

So I stumbled on a TEDx Talk that’s had my head spinning ever since. These talks usually get my wheels turning, but this one had a different feel to it. Maybe it’s the magnitude of the topic. Maybe it’s the personal nature of the topic. Or, more likely, maybe it’s the betrayal I felt spelled […]

Probiotics? Prebiotics? What’s the Difference?

In the world of alternative and holistic health, probiotics have been a topic of discussion for quite some time. Heck, even conventional medicine has come to recognize the health benefits they provide, and all of the TV commercials that tout them are yet another sign that they’ve gone mainstream (though not all are created equal).   Lately, in the circle of resources I rely on, I’ve noticed another word creeping into the conversation: prebiotics. Hmm…Probiotics? Prebiotics? What’s the […]

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Let’s face it, people. In the cold days of winter, when it’s hard to get warmed up, there are days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Maybe you only have a thirty-minute window between getting home from work and getting to your son’s basketball game. Perhaps you worked overtime on a special project and […]

A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Nutrition

In a perfect world, we’d only eat the foods that nourish us. Nothing but nutrient dense, grass-fed, organic goods at all times. We’d grind our own grains just minutes before baking our own bread. We’d stop off at our neighbor’s farm for our weekly supply of raw milk. If this sums up your daily life, […]

Blood Pressure for the Novice

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but as of November 2017, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology have made some changes in what they classify as “normal” and “high” blood pressure. Previously, your reading had to reach 140/90 to be considered high. Now, however, you’re labeled with high blood pressure with […]

How Will 2018 Be Different? Plan Ahead!

When you think about this question, you may start listing off subjects related to the weather, politics, or other things outside of yourself. But the real power comes when you internalize it and do some real digging and reflecting. So, how will 2018 be different? For me, a few things come up. I’m looking forward […]

Did the French Give Us French Toast?

According to my 2017 Celebrate Everything calendar, it’s National French Toast Day, my friends!! Hooray! French toast is one of my favorite ways to use up the stale loaf of bread sitting in my pantry closet. Surely, you must agree. (Don’t tell me if you don’t. K? K.) I mean, what could be simpler? All […]

A Thanksgiving Plea

Dear Fellow Humans, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Surely you haven’t forgotten. But perhaps you thought we’d skip right over it this year, what with all of the Christmas stuff showing up so early at the store and in your neighborhood. Alas, I spoke with the Thanksgiving folks, and they assure me that Thanksgiving has not […]

Why an Adam’s Apple and No Anna’s Apple?

This is a question I’ve been wondering about lately. Being the mom of boys, I notice certain things now that I didn’t notice with my brothers. Granted, my brothers are both older than I am, which is probably why I missed it when puberty struck and left each of them with a protuberance on their […]

Breathing: It Does More Than Keep You Alive

Each and every day, all day long, we breathe in and breathe out without any thought whatsoever. This most basic, involuntary task keeps us alive—which alone is a pretty big deal. Who is loony enough to disagree with that? But did you know that breathing also has the power to make our days more calm […]

4 Freaky Halloween Food Facts

It’s All Hallow’s Eve, and being freaky is the name of the game. Strolling through your neighborhood over these past few weeks, you’ve surely encountered skeletons, spiders, zombies, and other ghoulish symbols that instill the vibes of the season. Plenty of foods go hand-in-hand with October 31st as well. Here are some freaky facts about […]

A Tip to Successfully Change Your Eating Habits

Is variety always the spice of life? For most of my adult life, I’ve been willing to try almost anything when it comes to food. Beef tongue tacos? When prepared correctly—love ’em. Borscht (beet soup)? Vibrant and one of my favorites. Chocolate covered bacon? Surprisingly delicious combination of sweet and savory. But is variety the […]

A New Way to Think About Acne

I’ve been curious about acne lately. Is it really just about clogged pores? Does it flare up when a person has more dairy than normal? As a firm believer that our bodies constantly give us signs when something is out of whack with our health, I wonder if acne could be yet another warning about […]

The Meaning Behind That Label

As I stroll through the aisles at my local market, I see more and more products with the Non-GMO Project label. This made me wonder exactly what it means. Does it imply that the product is also organic? What determines whether a product can display this label on its packaging? Not wanting to be a food […]

Why We Need to Stop Adding Sugar to Everything

Sugar—it’s everywhere and in everything. We crave it and once it’s been in our daily routine for a while, we even get headaches from not consuming it. But, being the anti-nutrient that it is, we need to stop the insanity and stop eating so much of it. A perfectly ripened strawberry is sweet enough. It’s […]