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Get to Know Your Heart

February is American Heart Month, so it seems fitting to spend some self-health time checking in on how familiar you are with yours. Of course, you should have open lines of communication with your healthcare provider about all things health-related, including your heart. However, having some basic knowledge is crucial. Let’s get to know your […]

Buckwheat & Buckwheat Leaf: The Ingredient in Buckwheat that May Prevent a Stroke

There’s no doubt that we’re all somewhat familiar with buckwheat, and many relish one particular aspect about it: yes, buckwheat is gluten-free! I frequently talk with people who tell me they can’t eat grains because they’re now “gluten-free.” They’ve become part of what I now playfully call the gluten-free craze, and I often refer them […]

All the Things You Forgot About Your Heart

It’s February. The month we dedicate to the celebration love. What symbol pops into your head when you consider the word “love”? A heart, of course. While the human heart is only kinda sorta the same shape as the symbol we’re familiar with, thinking about it prompted me to revisit all the things I’d forgotten […]

7 Easy Tips to Find Time to Exercise

“I just don’t have time to exercise.” Sound like you? You’re not alone. “No time” is the number one excuse people make for not exercising. Not to be cruel, but let’s be honest. It isn’t about having the time—it’s about making the time. Your health, fitness, and waistline depend on it. Work, school, job, and […]

Buckwheat Pancakes: A Delicious Breakfast That Can Keep Your Heart Pumping

Last September, I had the opportunity to attend Back to School for Doctors 2016, presented by Mark Anderson from Standard Process West. I’d never been to this event before, and all I can say is wow! What I assumed would be a few doctors gathered in a small conference room turned out to be a […]