Get a $200 fermentation seminar for $39.95!

The Cook Your Way to Wellness DVD and Tell Me More booklet set provides a basic demonstration for making some of the world’s most nourishing foods.

Cook Your Way to Wellness DVD

This DVD is 90 minutes of Maria’s careful, detailed instruction for making kefir, whey, beet kvass, fermented veggies, kombucha, bone broth, butter, and beef jerky, and for soaking grains and nuts. It also includes a Resource Section and miscellaneous chapters on related subjects. (DVD Region 1 Format, North America)

You would have to spend an entire day in a seminar to learn this information!

But Maria makes it easy and fun to learn at your own pace. Her clear and simple guidance helps you learn the important foods and methods taught by Sally Fallon in Nourishing Traditions. Start enjoying the benefits of these power-packed foods RIGHT NOW.

Tell Me More Booklet

Now updated with new info and resources! A companion to the video, Atwood wrote this booklet to supplement the many questions that inevitably come up when starting to make these foods.

Together, this DVD-and-booklet set will boost your nutritional levels overnight. In addition to saving you the hundreds of hours most of us spend trying to learn the basics in discussion groups, internet searches, books, and long phone calls to WAPF members, you will have a visual that you can refer to, chapter by chapter.


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