Dr. Dority on the 33 Royal Principles of Health:
#15. No Motion Without the Effort of Force

Welcome to “The Royal Principles of Health,” written by Dr. Michael Dority and presented by Selene River Press. 
This fascinating series is based on the 33 principles of chiropractic identified by R.W. Stephenson, DC, PhC, in his 
1927 classic Chiropractic Textbook. Dr. Dority calls these the “Royal Principles of Health” and invites you to learn 
how these foundational tenets illustrate the forces of universal intelligence that guide and determine our existence.

The Law Is the Teacher 

Royal Principle #15 states: “Matter can have no motion without the application of force by intelligence.”

When we begin our first day of kindergarten, our body (matter) activates into motion by the instructive words of our intelligent teacher. The power over the life or death of our education begins, and the things we are taught changes our intelligence, matter, and biochemistry. The body innately knows how to encode letters and numbers onto the brain, and the brain communicates with the hand to put them on paper. This displays Principle #15, that matter (our hands) can have no motion (writing our ABCs) without the application of force by intelligence (the brain). This is evidence of the Life Force that flows over and through the body by way of the nervous system, which is encased in the spine and communicates to all cells.

At times in my life I’ve been told that I’m as “dumb as a post.” But posts are really dumb because they are devoid of life. The Life Force must flow uninterrupted to and fro through the body for intelligence to manifest in all of our cells, creating the force of life.

We must nourish our Life Force by providing it with the essential foods, vitamins, minerals, and cofactors it needs to maintain the function of health. The first man was made from the dirt, and we need dirt (soil) to maintain, repair, and energize the body. We cannot eat dirt directly. We must take into our body the dirt that the seed eats and plants to grow, and in turn they make our body grow in health. We consume the dirt in the steak we eat because the cow ate the grass that ate the dirt. This is the cycle of life—the ordained principle of health and wellness comes from the dirt.

Standard Process products are grown in real organic dirt, so they are compatible with the innate design of the body. In turn, these real foods sustain the cycle of life that produces a healthy body. All of these biological regulatory events are controlled and regulated by and through the nervous system. The Innate Intelligence of the body knows exactly what to do when it encounters physical, biochemical, and emotional stressors. Let’s look at the physical stress that affects the spine.

Our bones are crystalline structures that are subjected to the stress produced by natural mechanical forces. As we move from fetal posture to upright adult posture, our spine must adapt to gravitational stress. These forces are described by Julius Wolff in the principle known as Wolff’s law. This law posits that bone in a healthy animal will adapt to loads under which it is placed. If the load increases, the bone becomes stronger to resist it. The trabeculae adapts along with the cortex of bone, creating a stronger, thicker bone.

This adaptive bone remodeling is innately achieved via mechanotransduction, which results when mechanical forces are converted into biochemical (living) signals within the bone cell of living tissues. Wolff’s law helps us understand what happens in our spines and joints when they are out of balance due to subluxations and postural deviations, reminding us of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When the spine buckles and curves, the vertebra and related tissues on one side begin to compress, while the tissues on the opposite side begin to stretch. Therefore, bone subjected to this imbalance will produce positive and negative surface charges. The compressed side is negatively charged, which attracts osteoblasts and creates spurs. The stretched side is positively charged, which attracts osteoclasts that tear down bone.

These opposite charges between two spinal vertebras create an external electromagnetic field at the level of the vertebral foramen. At this level of imbalance (subluxation), the transmission of nerve signals over the nerve root will thus experience interference. When stressed with uneven pressure over time, the disc collagen protein matrix begins to lose hydration. The result is a thinning disc, instability, and a narrower opening for the nerve to pass through. As seen in Wolff’s law, this downward progression of misalignment stimulates spur formation, stabilizing the disc and vertebral bodies as a natural protective measure.

What can we do to enhance the function and health of the human spines and nervous system? First, begin with a postural evaluation. Proceed with spinal X-rays to internally evaluate spinal posture and detect vertebral subluxations, spur formation, and disc thinning. This will be the foundation of constructing a working plan to maintain, restore, and enhance the health and biodynamics of the spine as well as nervous system health overall. Chiropractic adjustment restores a greater range of motion. This assists in the proper alignment of spinal facet joints, both static and dynamic. It also helps restore muscle and joint biomechanics and proper neurological input. The result is reduced total stress both in and on the body. Refer to the article “Neurological Effects of the Adjustment” by Scott Halderman for more in-depth research.

The synergies of the body’s physiological principles are displayed microscopically and macroscopically 24/7. Our Innate Intelligence communicates to the body over and through the nervous system. It is always ready to regulate and orchestrate adaptive changes in the body, just as Julius Wolff proclaimed in Wolff’s law.

Provide your body with nutritional building blocks for structural strength and stability, and consider the following support from Standard Process:

  • Ligaplex I (3–9 per day): Enhances disc and ligament tissue.
  • Cal-Ma Plus (3–6 per day): For bone strength.

Also be sure to eat a healthy collagen protein diet as our bones, discs, and ligaments are composed of a matrix of collagen protein.

Some things to think about:

  1. Structure affects function.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  3. Seeing is believing.

“You’re not made in a crisis—you’re revealed.”
—Jack Kinder

Images from iStock/DGLimages (main), Vladyslav Severyn (dot image of kids playing with ball). Post image from Dr. Dority. 

Dr. Michael Dority

DR. MICHAEL DORITY, now retired from his 44 years of chiropractic practice in Nebraska, credits his professional success to supporting the patient’s nervous system with whole foods, whole food supplements, and patient education. He has contributed to the health and well-being of many grateful families over the years. You can find Dr. Dority’s patient education posters here at Selene River Press.

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