Applied Trophology, Vol. 6, No. 1
(January 1962)

“Hemoglisia” and “Lee Letter to Time Magazine”

The following is a transcription of the January 1962 issue of Dr. Royal Lee’s Applied Trophology newsletter, originally published by Standard Process Laboratories.


(From the French.)

We pointed out in our February 1959 edition of La Vie Claire the publication by Dr. de Larebeyrette of a medical study entitled: “Hemogliase hyper alpha 2.” The works of Dr. de Larebeyrette establish for the first time in the history of science, by clinical observations supported by laboratory tests extremely precise and specific, the noxiousness of present commercial refined flours and their part in the promotion of cardiovascular disease. His work was cited by the Academy of Medicine, and he himself was elected reporter to the International Congress of the Chemistry of Cardiovascular Diseases, which officially commends the value of his work. We have on many occasions seen those with severe circulatory system diseases escape in some months the imminent risk of violent death that awaited them, by the corrective treatment of Dr. de Larebeyrette. His method, now used by about 500 doctors, consists of a part purely medical and a regime strictly excluding all refined flour.

Medical statistics worldwide confirm the progression, the precocity of vascular disease. They insist also upon the frequency of the recurrences of serious vascular accidents. Dr. de Larebeyrette demonstrated how he has established that “the cause of arteriosclerosis was not due to nutriment containing fat and cholesterol, but due to a defect of our organism to assimilate the starches of grain, such as they are presently prepared (branched chains): that the starches of grains were differently constructed than the starch from potatoes (linear chains)…that milled flour was noxious…how at last one could correct industrially the molecular structure of flours and render them again assimilable (by making them linear).”

The comparison with diabetes allows him to better explain the particularities of hemoglisia:

Diabetes is the chronic insufficiency of production by the pancreas of enzyme insulin, which governs the assimilation of all sugars, including grain starches. Sugars, our usual source of energy, no longer being utilized because of a lack of insulin, our cells will resort to fats, which will cause toxic residues: acetone (which produces coma) and will aggravate the formation of cholesterol, hence rapid encrusting of the arteries, arteriosclerosis, with its cortege of infarctus, arthritis, angina and blindness due to retinal hemorrhage. Of thirty thousand diabetics only four in five thousand have vascular accidents, because their treatment is known. However, more than a million hemogliasics incapable of assimilating the starches of grains (polysaccharide sugar complexes with branched chains), and candidates for the same vascular accidents evolve slowly without treatment toward the complications because the existence of the disease itself was unknown until 1957. Evidently, it appears that nearly all diabetes is accompanied by clinical and chemical signs of hemoglisia. From the preceding information we are reminded of the law that characterizes every living being: “In an organism, everything is constant. Everything acts on everything else all the time.” Which also reminds us that we no longer are dealing with a pathology of organs more or less exhausted (heart, kidney, liver, brain, arteries) but rather with a pathology of cell function. Because the disease is in the cell, without having yet destroyed the entire organ.

Until 1956, the worldwide situation regarding vascular accidents was approximately the following: Ten thousand researchers, thirty years of work, one thousand and billions of dollars spent, five hundred billion of it in the United States, ending with these negative findings: l) The number of vascular accidents increase rapidly and attack an increasingly younger population of men, particularly those vigorous and active. 2) The accidents are practically not foreseeable, “thunder in a clear sky,” in persons rarely hypertensive, whose levels of urea, of sugar, and even of cholesterol are often normal before and after the accidents. 3) Cholesterol was the principal cause. (“In effect they were based on the following theories: Cholesterol in excess, derived from fat from food too rich, is deposited on the large arterial branches, which obstructs and hardens, which slows blood circulation, which is then no longer capable of furnishing oxygen to the tissues that need it the most, particularly the heart muscles. Because of this obstruction, tension mounts. The staggering blows of that tension cause the large vessels to burst, and it is the vascular accident.”)

Now the most recent observations showed: “that many of those with arteriosclerosis had a normal or low cholesterol level; that it is especially the capillaries that are involved; that they contain or are surrounded by coagulated blood, which contains not cholesterol, but sugared albumins (the euglobulin alpha 2); that animals submitted to a regime too rich in cholesterol or fatty acids (saturated or unsaturated) do not have arteriosclerosis but cirrhosis of the liver; that the treatments causing cholesterol to be lowered do not prevent the onset nor the recurrence of vasculary accidents.”

From 1934 on I began to make the same series of findings as my fellow doctors, and I felt that the old theories were no longer valid. It seemed stupid to me that a disease which deteriorates so seriously happens without warning. I began to ask myself if there wasn’t something hidden.

Two observations put me on the track, the first clinical: younger men (from thirty to fifty), florid, jovial, active, complained of becoming tired; after meals they became heavy, sleepy, their stomach protruded; they had dizzy spells at the wheel of their car. Their memory was clear, sexual functions diminished, they believed themselves hypertensive. And yet their doctors found they had a tension low or normal, their levels of urea, cholesterol, and blood sugar were normal. Treatment with stimulants were admittedly noxious or useless, but they all told that on the occasion of a simple cut their blood had become thick, dark, and clotted too fast. They were afraid because someone in their family had the same symptoms resulting in a serious vascular accident: angina, infarctus, cerebral congestion, hemiplegia, apoplexy, from which they died or became infirm until a fatal recurrence.

The second observation, anatomic: I had noted that through hundreds of autopsies when I was attached to the Laboratores of the Faculty of Medicine, many men died of infarctus who: 1) had no classic signs of obliteration nor of hardening of the arteries; 2) presented, on the contrary, scars, more or less old, of infarctus, disseminated in numerous other viscera. They thus had preceding disease, and one of the signs was the viscosity of the blood. It was necessary for me then: after fifteen years of research, more than ten thousand observed cases, followed up throughout the years; more than one hundred thousand analyses of blood by electrophoresis processes, of fractioning of proteins, etc., which we described at the beginning of this article, in order to understand and synthesize the question…while the electrocardiograph, which can register lesions and their tendency to scar, is absolutely incapable of predicting the vascular accident; on the contrary, biological analysis permits forewarning. These tests follow faithfully the aggravation or amelioration of the disease, under the influence of the treatment but also of a regime.

These tests reveal important new discoveries:

    1. Bugard, world specialist of suprarenal glands, was able to demonstrate that the excess urinary “seromucoides” corresponded to overexertion of the suprarenal.
    2. Professor De Brux discovered that euglobulin alpha 2 constituted this famous coagulated mess that is found around and in the vessels of those people who died of infarctus of all localizations, and the German Professor von Ratchow confirmed these views in his turn, upsetting thus the absolute empire of cholesterol.
    3. The excess of these seromucoides and euglobulines disappeared under the influence of the treatment.
    4. Grain starches, of white bread in particular, aggravated considerably the state of the blood of the victims. On the other hand, potato starches were not noxious.
    5. The pig fed excess barley is himself attacked by hemoglisia, with tests showing more difficulty than for man, and 25 percent of French pigs thus fed die before slaughter, either from infarctus or acute edema of the lungs, which makes the meat unfit for consumption and nonconservable. The mortality rate among pigs in Denmark from hemoglisia attains 40 percent, leading to economic catastrophe for the country.

The discovery of the causes and the mechanisms aided in the discovery of the treatment of hemoglisia and the possibility of foreseeing the accident and its recurrence. It was the road to the discovery of the factors that rendered refined grain flours poorly or incompletely assimilable.

The La Clinique and Medecine et Laboratoire contain further discussions and a treatment outline for doctors.

Translation of an editorial review taken from the February 1961 issue of La Vie Claire (Paris) of Dr. Larebeyrette’s book, Hemogliase Hyper Alpha 2, published by Les Editions de Medecine Pratique, 12, rue Pierre Geoffroy, Colombes (Seine), France.

Lee Letter to Time Magazine

The following letter written by Dr. Royal Lee of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, gives the Editor of Time Magazine a glimpse at the truth. Doctor Lee is probably the best-informed man on true nutrition in America today. Dr. Lee has devoted the major portion of his life and finances in an endeavor to learn the truth about human and animal nutrition and to give that truth to the public. The letter follows.

January 18, 1961

Editor of Time Magazine
Time & Life Bldg.
Rockefeller Center
New York 20, NY

Dear Sir:

We read with appreciation your “Fat of the Land” report in January 13 Time. But you are much misinformed when you accept the statement of medical authorities about the degree of deficiency disease in “well-fed U.S.,” which has “virtually vanished in the past 20 years.”

Medical authorities are misled by propaganda constantly being promulgated by the makers of refined and synthetic foods, which cause arthritis, heart disease, loss of teeth, cancer, liver disease, prostate trouble, and glandular unbalances of various kinds that involves a lot of things from sex to obesity.

A recent survey in India showed that arthritis was nonexistent (we have 22,000,000 arthritis victims), tooth decay was found in only one person in eighty (we have twelve cavities per draftee), and the Army reports that autopsies of troops killed in action in Korea showed American soldiers were afflicted with serious coronary disease, to the extent of 76 percent at average age of twenty-two, while Korean troops had no signs of such disease.

We have shown that:

  1. Eighty percent of prostate operations can be avoided by the use of the unsaturated fatty acids from the proper source. (Flaxseed tea will do it.)
  2. Ninety percent of patients with heart disease can be relieved by the proper vitamin treatment so that they can pass life insurance examinations and forget their problems as heart patients. Often lesions like valve leakage, missing second sounds, extended contraction periods, reduced rest periods, fibrillation, skipped beats, extra systoles, anginal pains, shortness of breath can be relieved or eliminated within ten to fifteen minutes after ingestion of the missing link in nutrition. (Extracts of wheat germ, beef liver, beef kidney, mushroom, etc.)

Phonocardiographic recordings before and after represent incontrovertible evidence of the nutritional effect and the malnutrition that caused the condition. Malnutrition caused by refined foods, synthetic foods, stale foods, counterfeit foods, foodless foods.

Dr. Schweitzer said cancer was unknown in Africa until “civilized” foods were brought in. Steffanson said likewise of the Eskimo. Dr. Weston A. Price said likewise of various other areas of the earth in his extended report on nutrition and degenerative disease [published as Nutrition and Physical Degeneration] before he helped to organize the Academy of Applied Nutrition in Los Angeles.

If you want to know how the public and the medical profession is kept in ignorance to keep the makers of counterfeit foods, synthetic foods, refined foods, stale foods, and foodless foods in business, read the enclosed reprint of the Pearmain Letters from Modern Nutrition, published by the Academy of Applied Nutrition, and the Real American Tragedy by Edward Burtis; copy sent herewith.

The net result is a million of unnecessary deaths per year, 750,000 alone from cardiovascular disease (American beriberi).

You might read Maurice Natenberg’s The Cancer Blackout (Regent House) and Mark Boesch’s book The Long Search for the Truth About Cancer (Putnam, 1960) if you would like to know how well cancer remedies have been dynamited regardless of who sponsors them and regardless of their demonstrable value. Possibly because the real cause might be found to be rancid oils in all cereal products made from centralized milling operations instead of from locally made meal and flour—such products being known to be more perishable than milk, losing ten percent per day of their most important vitamin by oxidation after milling.

Boesch gives the names, times, and place where the corpse was buried.

Why is not this a timely objective for Time— show up the biggest conspiracy in history that has poisoned no less than fifty million people in this country? A conspiracy that includes most of our universities, Federal judges, FTC and FDA officials who, as Dr. Harvey W. Wiley said, reversed the pure food law to protect the violators instead of protecting the people. (Last chapter of Wiley’s book attached.)

If you desire to look into this situation, we can supply you with unlimited background.

We know of no more important spot in our national pattern of undercover corruption that needs the sterilizing light of publicity and which can only be provided by such instruments as Time. What are we waiting for?

Very truly yours,
Royal Lee, President
Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research


Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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