Who Does the Law Protect?

By Dr. Royal Lee

Summary: An inspired article by Dr. Lee about the irony of praying to God to overcome disease while ignoring the simple laws of health here on Earth. “Man needs no miraculous intervention to have perfect health and happiness,” he writes, “unless he first commits criminal acts of food adulteration and contamination.” Lee explains that there is “a frightful conspiracy to keep the public in the dark about the devastating, death-dealing effects of modern food counterfeits—the synthetic glucose, the synthetic hydrogenated fats, the refined cereals, the refined breakfast foods, the coal tar dyes and coal tar flavors that ensure acceptance of otherwise tasteless and colorless food frauds which destroy human life to the tune of over a million victims a year.” He adds that heart disease—the leading cause of death then as it is today—is so effectively countered by food therapy that “nine out of ten sufferers can be shown by cardiographic sound recordings to respond favorably within ten minutes to natural food products.” From Natural Food and Farming, 1955.

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In the journal Religion & Health for March, 1955, p. 62, appears this “Question and Answer”:

“Question: Mr. N.R. writes:

“My little girl, who was five years old, fell sick and, despite the best medical help we could find and despite our sincere prayers and the prayers of our church, she died. My wife and I are good Christians. Why should God let her die? We have always lived good lives. If prayer cannot save an innocent child, what is the use of praying?

“Answer: This is a most sincere and searching question and our hearts go out to the parent who has occasion to ask it…

“In the light of the New Testament and Jesus’ teaching about the concern of God for individuals, God did not turn away. He was trying to bring about the child’s recovery just as the doctor, the nurse, and the parents were. In fact, He was working through all of you. Then wherein was the failure? We do not know. We do know that given certain conditions, certain limitations of human knowledge, certain illnesses, then death is the inevitable result, regardless of the number of prayers which are expressed. That’s the way God runs His world. He could not do otherwise and avoid getting into all kinds of difficulty.

“I mean simply that we see one child whose parents pray, as you did, and that child dies; another prays and the child does not die. And again we see no one pray and a child dies and another where no one prays and the child lives. The conclusion I reach is that it is not prayer that determines which one dies and which one does not.

“You may be inclined to respond, ‘Then our prayers were of no help and made no difference?’

“I would answer that your prayers were a great deal of help. They helped to strengthen your own faith during a hard time and helped you to keep your poise  and hope, while if you had lost it, yon would have suffered a great deal more. We must remember that God works along orderly and dependable lines and through physical and spiritual laws which we often do not understand. Prayer does help even when that for which we are praying doe not come about. —R.L.D.”

Our worthy pastor here misses the point that practically all of our child deaths are due to our failure to follow the teachings of our own religions counselors and the known law of Nature (or of God) in the management of our food supply.

We eat counterfeit foods that are insulting imitations of natural products—oleo, synthetic shortenings and sugars that have no trace of mineral and vitamin factors essential to life, bleached flour products that we know cannot support life, chemical adulterants of all kinds from coal tar dyes to illegal bread softeners and mold poisons, oceans of synthetic soft drinks that rob our bodies of bone minerals and lower our resistance, devitaminized and demineralized breakfast foods, stale cereal products containing rancid oils that cause heart disease, muscular dystrophies and paralysis—then pray for help after discovering that the day of reckoning has arrived.

We might point out that the worthy pastor himself has been somewhat reluctant to analyze the way his parishioners were abusing the golden rule by cheating in various ways in making and selling these known phony imitations of honest foodstuffs. To do so would only empty his pews and leave him with no congregation or no funds on which to operate.

The real culprit in causing this little one’s death is our law enforcement organization, the official crew who are hired to protect the people against unscrupulous chiselers who will otherwise actually rob each one of us of twenty or more years of our life in their promotion of counterfeit and criminal substitutes for good food.

During the time that soft drinks have doubled in sales, polio has increased twenty fold, from 1,705 cases in 1938 to 42,351 in 1949.

The people are not told that polio is simply one American form of beriberi, that the disease does not exist where no refined foods are used, where candy, ice cream and soft drinks are little used.

No trick vaccine can protect us against our own use of counterfeit imitations of natural food, and it would be strange if our appeals by prayer for a miracle to save us from our own violations of obvious natural laws were to be answered.

It has been well said that disease is the normal reaction of an abnormal environment (of which food is part) while health is the normal reaction to a normal environment.   

Vaccines and drugs are aimed to make us react with health to an abnormal environment, a result no sane person could expect. (Drugs are of necessity all poisons, by official definition—of von Haller, the father of pharmacology). (The Food & Drug law was made to define drugs as any product used to prevent or treat disease, but this would include all foods, and dictionary definitions are supposed to reflect usage, not law). (This warping of the meaning of the word was apparently intended to extend the scope of the medical monopoly, as enforced under the laws regulating the prescription of drugs—as poisons—so that no patient could obtain even essential foods for treating deficiency disease without paying tribute to the drug monopoly as set up under medical practice acts and pharmacy laws.) (In some states today, notably Minnesota, it is impossible for a health food store to exist; any food sold for the purpose of offsetting the harm done by bleached flour must be prescribed by a physician and obtained from a registered pharmacist – showing the power of the flour millers in their own bailiwick?)

Polio vaccines have always been a fiasco, just like the present confusion. Of several tried, each caused polio instead of controlling it.1 Beriberi was considered an infectious disease too, until the Japanese Navy eliminated it completely by nutritional correction, and it ran in epidemics just like polio. Scurvy does the same thing; the weakened victims become susceptible to any virus or germ that may get a start, after which it may spread like a forest fire.

No sane person can read Dr. Weston A. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Alfred McCann’s The Science of Keeping Young, Dr. Sandler’s Diet Prevents Polio, Norman & Rorty’s Tomorrow’s Food, Dr. Quigley’s The National Malnutrition, Dr. Wrench’s The Wheel of Health or Bicknell and Prescott’s The Vitamins in Medicine without realizing that there is a frightful conspiracy to keep the public in the dark about the devastating death-dealing effects of modern food counterfeits, the synthetic glucose, the synthetic hydrogenated fats, the refined cereals, the refined breakfast foods, the coal tar dyes and coal tar flavors that insure acceptance of otherwise tasteless and colorless food frauds which destroy human life to the tune of over a million victims a year. Heart disease being the leading cause of death today, and so easily demonstrated to be amenable to food therapy that nine out of ten sufferers can be shown by cardiographic sound recordings to respond favorably within ten minutes to natural food products. This conclusively proves the fact that malnutrition is the basis of the disease, not that “more people are reaching the age of heart trouble”—a weasel excuse so often heard offered by mouthpieces of the food fraud industry (unwittingly or otherwise).

One hundred years ago there were offsprings born to nine out of ten married couples. Today it is two out of three. Better fresh fruit and fresh vegetables distribution has had a great influence in reducing infectious disease, but degenerative diseases are having a tremendous increase, led by diabetes. And now we find diabetes can be caused by all flour bleach chemicals, by their effect of converting the xanthine of wheat germ into poisonous alloxan.

It is now known that the rancid fats in any food specifically cause muscular paralysis and degenerative changes, opposed by vitamin E.2 That is why cereals that are stale and processed, having had their vitamins refined out, are so dangerous, for their oils have become rancid within ten days or so after the grain was first reduced to flour. Certainly a good way to set the stage for polio, heart disease and others.

We know that our biggest selling soft drink was found illegally and criminally loaded with a habit-forming drug by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1914. We know that the poisoning of flour with bleach chemicals was found illegal in 1918 by that same court. But no interference with the highly profitable rackets of selling these foul health-destroying concoctions has been attempted. Instead, Dr. Fishbein in 1925 offered his services to help promote these death-dealing causes of heart disease and cancer as reported in Baking Technology, January, 1925. (Cancer cannot be made to grow in test animals fed natural unrefined foods, but in similar animals fed refined foods will kill 90 percent.3) White bread has been looked upon as a cause of cancer by top medical men such as Sir Arbuthnot Lane of London and Dr. D.T. Quigley of Omaha.

No, God cannot answer our prayers when we want a miracle to happen to save us from the consequences of our own failure to follow His own plans for perfect health and happiness. He performed a real miracle in setting up this world of wonders and the universe in the first place. Another when man was put into it.

Man needs no miraculous intervention to have perfect health and happiness unless he first commits criminal acts of food adulteration and contamination.

And as long as we permit ourselves to be victimized by a food and drug administration run by arch-criminals in the form of government where we havethe vote throw them out, unless we individually and collectively perform every act within our power to break this vile and vicious conspiracy to destroy the health of the many for the criminal enrichment of the few, we become a party to the crime, acquiescent participants, buying our own peaceful existence at the expense of the lives being destroyed.

By Royal Lee, DDS. Natural Food and Farming: Official Publication of Natural Food Associates, Inc., Vol. 2, No. 5, August, 1955. 

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