Letters from the Quarantined:
Coronaphobia vs. the Immune System

It’s been great hearing from practitioners, friends, and staff during our quarantine. They’ve sent me emails containing bits of humor and intelligence that you might find useful, so I’m sending this out to everyone coping with confinement in the CoronaSphere (a term coined by Bill Whittle). Please enjoy with your morning coffee.

There have been deaths related to this virus—deaths that are tragic because every life is a world—but it has also caused the tragic deaths of economic livelihoods. Inevitably, we are asking ourselves if the cure is worse than the disease. I was glad to hear President Trump say, “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” He has great instincts even though he’s up against the pressure to conform to the medical model.

But it’s common for us as a country to allow the cure for many diseases and conditions to be worse than the problem. Medical practices seem to be based on tinkering with and masking symptoms rather than dealing with the causes of illness and teaching prevention.

Immunity is a great example of this, and it is currently right in our socially distanced faces. Instead of taking care of our health by gaining the knowledge, spending the money, and making the effort to do so, we invite a crisis and then expect science, medicine, and the government to rescue us.

So many Americans know better. The success of the health food market, the organic agriculture market, and the wholistic healthcare market proves this. But the disconnect between those who do and those who don’t implement this knowledge is still too mainstream. The disconnect is rooted in the belief that wholistic health practitioners are nuts, and the medical establishment is the real authority.

But no medical or scientific invention has yet to exceed the effectiveness and wisdom of mother’s milk as food for the development of the human body. Nothing and no one has yet invented something that is able to build a human being from the ground up like mother’s milk can. Still, we shun this simple solution. We go to battle against the forces of Nature. We insist on arrogance instead of humility in the presence of the biological design, which could never have originated from a human mind.

From this latest viral pandemonium, I’d like to see a greater awakening to the importance of simply growing, preparing, and eating real food. Food that sustains life and immunity 24/7. Food that is recognized for its ability to breathe life into the human body because only real food contains nutrient chemicals that are designed for that very purpose. I’d like to see a massive clamoring for wholistic healthcare that works 24/7 to understand the core cause of a problem and applies solutions that allow our bodies to heal.

When will our medical and scientific leadership stop pretending that we don’t already know so many ways to protect our health? When will they stop ignoring so much existing knowledge just because it is practiced by people with fewer letters after their names? When will they notice that our success in keeping ourselves healthy is worth studying, teaching, and applying? Don’t hold your breath. Just keep practicing the common-sense lifestyle that cultivates life.

When you’re finished reading this article, take a look at some recent posts from Mark McAfee on the immune properties of raw milk. Also read Monica Corrado on feeding the immune system and Dr. David Kolowski on sleep and immunity.

Chiropractic Resists Viruses
Melissa Logue, DC

We’ve had a few patients choose not to come into the office during the lockdown, but our office is still hopping with patients who are unafraid. “Of course I’m coming in—you are one of the top reasons I’m well!” one patient said.

Chiropractic is known for supporting the immune system and all the systems. During the Spanish Flu of 1918, chiropractic helped people survive the epidemic. Yes, patients under chiropractic and osteopathic care did not die during the 1917–1918 flu epidemic in anywhere near the same proportion as those who were not under such care. People who get regular chiro, eat a diet of healthy food, and take whole food supplements experience how resistant and strong they are all year long. They get sick less often and recover faster, so they don’t feel as vulnerable and fearful. People who don’t live a healthy lifestyle have a great deal of fear when anyone around them is sick. They instinctually know that they are more susceptible. It’s my job to teach my patients the causes of health, and I love it.

Be still, my beating heart
Maria Atwood, CNHP, author of Cook Your Way to Wellness and the Tips from the Traditional Cook blog at SRP

I for one had a scary reaction this morning to the news. I was standing in front of the sink and suddenly felt sort of breathless, and I had a heavy feeling in my chest! Knowing that I have some heart issues, I got very concerned. I think I was just overwhelmed by all the panic news, especially when I heard Dennis Prager say that many New York mom & pop stores would go belly-up due to the quarantine—and that the little they make daily is basically what they live on! Many, he said, are older people who have invested a lifetime of work to stay afloat, and that its all being washed away. He felt that the shutdowns are way overdone and excessive, and many small businesses like these will simply not survive.

In any case, I finally sat down and tried to quiet down. Thank God for St. John’s Wort! The panic can be just as contagious as the flu.

Can I get COVID-19 from my dog?
Tracie Hoffman, VT

You cannot get COVID-19 from your dog, and your dog cannot get it from you. According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE):

“The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human to human transmission. To date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease. Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare.”

Therefore, do not isolate your dog. Do not put your dog to sleep if they have a runny nose. And do not be afraid to play and cuddle with your dog during this troubled time. It will do you both good to continue on as you did before the outbreak.

Furthermore, the vaccination that your dog might receive from his vet is Canine coronavirus (CCoV) and will not protect you against the COVID-19 virus. This is not the same virus as SARS-CoV-2 that causes the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). CCoV does not affect people. CCoV causes gastrointestinal problems in dogs, as opposed to respiratory disease. So please don’t ask your vet to vaccinate you!

Soothing the Weary Traveler’s Immune System
Lowell Keppel, DC

As the coronavirus insanity started to take hold on the United States, I was scheduled to present a seminar in “Corona Central”: Seattle, Washington. I showed up at Denver International Airport at 7:30 a.m. to absolutely no TSA line (amazing). Then my Southwest flight was not even half full. I got a row to myself!

In the Bellevue mall, there was hardly a soul, and most of them wore face masks. Ironically, they promptly shuttled into the Happy Lemon to get their sugar drink with a “bubble waffle,” not realizing, I am sure, that the sugar would do more to make them available to the coronavirus than the mask could ever overcome.

The next day, while at the Pike Market Center, I wandered into a bar. I started talking to the bartender and a couple from Houston, of course about the hysteria around the coronavirus. I shared with them what they needed to do to support their immune alliance: Standard Process Immuplex, Calcium Lactate, Cataplex C, and Cataplex F. And the special Coronavirus Adult Beverage of Prevention, developed by nutritionist Duane Clark, as follows:

3 parts San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water (4% calcium per 8 oz. serving)
1 part non-GMO Kettle One vodka
A dash of fresh lime juice for natural vitamin C

It was a hit!

The Space Needle was closed. The hotel was all but vacant with few restaurant staff. Washington schools were closed. However, the seminar was great. We started off talking about how to not just react during a crisis but to always feed the organs of the immune alliance (liver, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, adrenals) with a diet rich in healthy fats, proteins, and unrefined carbohydrates, ionizable calcium, whole-food vitamin C complex, and fatty acids.

In the office today, the phone was ringing off the hook for people wanting supplements, which we eventually ran out of.

Went to Costco, but of course it was crowded. No toilet paper or eggs to be found. No chicken or ground beef. Thank god they had steaks! After spending $400, we should have some food for a few meals as we wait out the impeding quarantine over a worthless virus. And all because, for decades, we have been uninformed, misinformed, and lied to about the simple needs we can easily fulfill to support the immune alliance.

Rediscovering Your Family
Danielle LeBaron, managing editor, Selene River Press

I read a meme that said, “I’m not worried about being stuck in my house for two weeks. I’m worried about being stuck in my house with my kids for two weeks!” At the time I laughed because it was silly, and I didn’t think it would happen. Well, with school being cancelled the rest of the month, it has happened, and probably for much longer than two weeks! And with the panic and constant barrage of news stories, I started to panic as well. How much is life going to change, and when, if ever, will it go back to normal? 

It’s definitely been a whirlwind of emotions, but the main thing I’ve learned from this so far is the importance of perspective. I was looking at my kids and husband playing in the living room and realized that I have everything I need, right here in my home. I have food, shelter, and most importantly, health. We are all healthy, and I’ve been fortunate to learn so many wonderful tips from SRP that will help keep us that way. I have a nice supply of Immuplex and some organic apple cider vinegar. I’ve learned through Monica Corrado’s wonderful books and blog posts how to make nutritious, delicious, immune-boosting meat stock. So rather than panic, I’ve decided to take the perspective of gratitude. Grateful to have this rare amount of time to be with the ones who matter most to me. If you need me, I’ll be snuggled on my couch with my three babies, sipping some yummy homemade meat stock soup, and watching Disney movies! Or homeschooling at the kitchen table.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I’m keeping those kiddos entertained, living in the country has its perks. On Sunday we hitched up the sled to the Subaru and drove it around our property. We may be stuck at home, but we still find ways to make it fun. Let’s see how long we can keep this up!

This Coronavirus Madness
Mary H. Stockwell, CGP, ACN, cohost of the international Forbidden Doctor podcast and CEO of The Forbidden Doctor, LLC

You know, I kinda want to freeze myself for 250 years and wake up when this insanity is over. I want to live in a world where medical doctors get in super-duper trouble and face the threat of their medical clinics getting shut down if they don’t mention nutrition and refer their patient to a nutritionist with every single symptom management treatment plan.

Disclaimer 250 years from now: “These statements have not been evaluated by a Doctor of Nutrition. This drug plan and advice is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, heal, or prevent any disease. It is simply a Band-Aid. Please see your nutritional healthcare professional with any drug or surgical treatment plan.”

Maybe in 250 years, the pharmaceutical cartel will be absorbed into a national healthcare system, and they will no longer have the power (or money) to control our medical schools, our legislature, our elections, our media, not even our President.

We will still have and develop new and brilliant crisis care treatments, in every form, but our nutritional healing will not be outlawed. This medical cartel permeates every sector of our society. It has even completely absorbed our veterinary medical system.

A few days ago, a patient told us that her vet would not let her use oregano essential oil and Chlorophyll Complex Ointment to treat a horrible surgical wound that wasn’t healing on her dog. She was criticized, humiliated, and even yelled at for using natural substances that have no side effects. This veterinarian doctor, after the first antibiotic didn’t work to help heal the wound, prescribed a black label antibiotic called Fluoroquinolone—without first doing a culture! This drug can have horrible, lifelong side effects. The vet admitted to guessing! And our patient was yelled at for using oregano and chlorophyll.


Our patient’s exact words? “Chlorophyll ointment substantially reduced the swelling on the wound in only three hours.”

And it was funny because she had used the chlorophyll for two days, but on the day before her appointment, she only used the oregano because she didn’t want the doctor to see the green stain on the wound. But this doctor… this vet…smelled the oregano and freaked out. Ya know, because oregano has killed so many dogs. Ha!

I just think it is criminal the media, the CDC, the FDA, and all the guidelines we get from our government do not even ALLOW us to know about nutrition to prevent, support, and protect our bodies. It’s criminal that so many people will die because they will not have the simplest of nutritional information.

You know, when there is radiation exposure, such as what happened in 2011, in Fukushima, Japan, those same agencies recommended we take iodine to counteract and help the body deal with the radiation poisoning. Why can’t they at least tell us to take the cheapest mineral on the earth––calcium, to protect us from this viral epidemic?

In 1947, Dr. Tom Douglas Spies (Time magazine’s 1938 Man of the Year in Science), yearning for physicians and nutritionists to work together, said this:

“The problem of increasing well-being of all people by means of better diet depends upon the continued collaborative effort of physicians, nutritionists, and groups concerned primarily with public health. Each must share in the responsibility of teaching the public the importance of good nutrition and the simple dietary rules for achieving it… By reorganizing malnutrition in the early stages, [the physician] can prevent years of illness.”

—Dr. Tom Douglas Spies (1902–1960), distinguished American physician and medical educator

So 73 years ago, Dr. Spies had the same idea I had: ”Each must share [nutritionist and physician] in the responsibility of teaching the public the importance of good nutrition.” Maybe we only have 177 years left to wait before my dream becomes a reality!

How Flu Epidemics Start and How They Spread
Lectures of Dr. Royal Lee, Vol. II, 1957

All these virus diseases or even germ diseases are just the same as our use of DDT. When we start spraying DDT around, we kill off the flies that are susceptible, and those that are not susceptible propagate their kind and pretty soon we’ve got plenty of flies that can ignore the DDT. Now when people are weak and have their resistance lowered by malnutrition, viruses can come in and get stronger. It’s an old and well-known fact that any invading organism builds up its virulence when it gets into weakened people or test animals. That’s why when our malnutrition is at its peak these diseases come in like a prairie fire in dry weather and build up their virulence to where they can mow down everybody.

So that’s why we have these waves of invading epidemics all the time. There’s one that’s always going around and that is various forms of colds and flu and so forth. We’ll always have that. The worst one that we know in history came during the war in 1918 because everybody was living on deficient foods and of course the virulence of the flu built itself up to where it could really do something. And as I say, it’s just like a prairie fire on a dry country. The drier the country the worse the fire will get. Same thing with us—the better foods we eat the more resistant we are and the less trouble we’ll have with epidemics.

The Immune Alliance
John Courtney

Courtney was the “right hand” of Dr. Royal Lee for more than 30 years. In 1984, he created Immuplex based upon Lee’s principles. He offered the following rational:

The human body does not have a single immune system as it is better described as an immune alliance among various systems and organs, which when coordinated by the brain give an immune response to the presence of disease associated factors, such as certain bacteria or virus.

The immune alliance is composed of the thymus (endocrine) for lymphocytes etc.; spleen (lymphatic system, blood hemopoietic system) and for antibodies; long bones (skeletal system) marrow, blood cells (circulatory system); stomach (digestive system—HCL to destroy ingested pathogens); intestinal flora (digestive) destroy pathogenic microbes and manufacture B12; liver detoxification and enzyme production, etc.

Therefore, what is referred to as “the immune system” cannot be enhanced without enhancing the overall health of the whole body in complete resistance to disease. With the above in mind, it becomes clear that a multifaceted approach must be made to stimulate and strengthen the diverse aspects of the body’s major immune players.

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