Why Do I Have to Take All This Weird Stuff?

As healthcare practitioners, we know that most of our professional advancement comes as a result of tackling new challenges. For example, a patient with a new condition may challenge us to come up with a new approach. Sometimes, all it takes is a question from an inquisitive patient to lead us to communicate in a better way about what we find and how we can help.

Recently, one of our new patients asked a question that caught us off guard. As we were going over our findings, we explained that he needed Antronex for liver support and Prostate PMG for prostate support (both from Standard Process), as well as some other products to help his body detox. This patient, being very analytical, examined the list for several seconds “I don’t get it,” he said. “Why do I have to take all this weird stuff?”

This caught us off guard. We’ve used these products clinically for ten years. Clearly, we don’t think they’re weird—we think they’re amazing. This question forced us to step into his shoes and look at it from his point of view. But we also needed him to step in our shoes.

In essence, we explained the following (though not as eloquently as we are able to do upon reflection):

You need all this “weird” stuff because your body is inundated with weirder stuff. At this moment in human history, we are living in an altered environment of our own making, constantly ingesting and absorbing over 80,000 manmade chemicals without even realizing it.

Never before has our food been so corrupted with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, steroids, aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, xenoestrogens, synthetic colors and preservatives, and obscene amounts of sugar.

Never before have we exposed our bodies to so many chemicals, in the form of shampoos, lotions, deodorants, makeup, and the like.

Never before have we lived in an electrical landscape of wifi hotspots and 5G cell towers that boost wireless signals and high-frequency waves over nearly every populated area on Earth.

Never before have we taken so many medications (with Americans consuming over 60 percent of the world’s drug supply).

Never before have we been so removed from nature, breathed in so much pollution, lived in such dense cities, and endured incredibly high-stress lifestyles that keep us up at all hours.

We said all of this to our patient, and now to you, because we want to shine a light on how most of us live. Because this way of life is so pervasive, most of us never give it much thought. In many ways, the modern world makes our lives easier: We are more entertained. Our food is cheaper. We can get more work done and do it faster. It’s a life of instant gratification, and nobody wants to go back. But what starts out as a luxury soon becomes a necessity. Just try driving around with a heated steering wheel in the winter and then going without one—it immediately becomes a vital need!

The Nutrition Response Testing we do in our office (along with other techniques to identify nutritional deficiencies or toxicities) is meant to help your body get back into balance with a crazy world and give you the best chance of staying healthy. These “weird” products are simply whole-food supplements that your body is starving for and knows how to use.

We are confident that if we can help support your health now, your future will be that much healthier and more productive. This is why we do what we do—and why you should start being a bit “weird” yourself!

Dr. Lauren Kolowski and Dr. David Kolowski
Nutrition Response Testing practitioners and chiropractors at Inside Health in Loveland, CO.

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Dr. David Kolowski

Dr. David Kolowski is a chiropractor, speaker, and author in Loveland, Colorado. His booklet The Night Before Wellness gives the Big Idea of natural healthcare to readers young and old. Dr. Kolowski describes his mission as helping people ask better questions while seeing the bigger picture. You can find him at Inside Health.

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