Summer Solstice: A Perfect Time to Check In With Yourself

Thursday is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and my favorite time to check in with myself. Why? For me the solstice brings more than just some bonus daylight; it brings energy and optimism. (I’m kind of an optimism junkie, seeking and finding it wherever possible.) It’s the perfect time to think about my life and any changes I want to make in it.

Not to get all woo-woo on you, but many suns ago (see what I did there?) we humans were much more in touch with the rhythms and energy the sun provides. More practically speaking, the sun’s rising was when a day’s activities got underway, and its setting was a signal to sleep. The longer a day was, the greater the number of activities that could be accomplished. This year, on our longest day, why not take advantage of that extra activity time—and any extra energy you may feel—to take a look at how things are going in your life.

Your sense of satisfaction in each area of your life has an impact on your health, so be sure to consider everything—health, career, relationships, spirituality, etc. If that sounds overwhelming, here’s how to keep it simple. On Thursday, carve out an hour in your day and list the first three aspects of your life that come to mind in which you would like to make some changes. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers. Plus, once you’re triumphant with these three, you’ll be inspired to focus on the next three. Trust me on this.

After you’ve chosen your three things, it’s time to set yourself up for success. Consider what you can bring into your life with ease to get where you want to be. The Selene River Press Historical Archives and Self-Health Nutrition Blog are fantastic resources for just about any health topic you’ve added to your list (and, bonus, SRP offers all that information at no cost to you).

For instance:

Want to start drinking more water? You can discover how much you should be aiming for and some sexy ways to get it at the SRP blog. While you’re at it, it’s probably not a bad idea to find out from Dr. Royal Lee what the “ideal drinking water” is—a topic he was discussing, amazingly, all the way back in 1958.

Feel like your spiritual side needs a little nourishment? Maria Atwood discusses this very issue in her post “How About Some Spiritual Nourishment?” As always, Maria provides poignant information on her subject, relaying relevant observations on how prayer can affect one’s daily life. If the word “prayer” feels a little too dogmatic for you, then meditation could be just what you’re looking for.

Is exercise something you need to be more consistent with? Eric Bogy offers up some tips on finding time for exercise that anyone can get on board with. For instance, if you aren’t able to commit a big chunk of time to working out all at once, try breaking up your exercise throughout the day. You’ll get the benefits of doing 100 push-ups whether you do them consecutively or you do 50 in the morning and 50 at night. Also, take the time to find the perfect exercise for you.

Want to learn more about a disease that has plagued your family in the past? A proper self-health education can help you understand health problems that have been an issue for previous generations of your family. For instance, learn How to Prevent Heart Attacks by reading Dr. Benjamin P. Sandler’s criminally forgotten book from sixty years ago. Our heart function hasn’t changed, so the information is timeless. If high blood cholesterol is a concern, Dr. Royal Lee will help you understand cholesterol’s role in your body’s proper functioning.

This summer solstice, I challenge you to take the bonus time and energy that the sun provides on June 21st to make sure you’re following the health path you want to be on for the next year. Now get out there in the sunshine and brainstorm what you want those 365 days to look like!

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Paula Widish

Paula Widish, author of Trophia: Simple Steps to Everyday Self-Health, is a freelance writer and self-healther. She loves nothing more than sharing tidbits of information she discovers with others. (Actually, she loves her family more than that—and probably bacon too.) Paula has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Relations and is a Certified Professional Life Coach through International Coach Academy.

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