The Two Most Important Tools for Health

As I’ve stated before, we need to do the following to stay healthy: move well, sleep well, eat well, and think well. This principle is loosely borrowed from Dr. James Chestnut, who was the first recipient of the Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle (CCWL) and whose book Live Right for Your Species Type is still the gold standard for evidence-informed wellness practices like our own.

We do our best to walk the talk. We work hard on what we eat, make sure to get proper physical activity, keep our emotions and mindset free from becoming overwhelmed, and try to get adequate sleep—all easier said than done with our responsibilities as parents, business owners, and community leaders.

We could undoubtedly add even more lifestyle modifications to this list, but it’s not necessary. When you get the big idea, you’ll begin to see how these pieces fit together for overall health, and you’ll have a clearer idea of what you should and shouldn’t do.

The end goal is a long, vibrant life with a minimal amount of problems. Or to put it another way, my goal is to die young as late as possible. I want to feel and act young all the way up to the very end. “Lifestyle” diseases account for 90 percent of deaths, but I want to be one of those weirdos who actually dies from old age! Have you ever even known of anyone who passed away peacefully without a disease ravaging their body?

Health is simply the natural expression of life in the body. Health is the normal state of function. Your body is always trying to express 100 percent of this potential through the innate life in every cell of your being. When expressed without interference, health is the result. Innate intelligence is transmitted through the communication and coordination of the nervous system, and it relies on the proper nourishment of the body through our food. Accumulation of stress in the physical systems of our bodies can create subluxations—a misalignment or fixation of the spine that causes interference and dysfunction in this communication. Poor diet limits the amount of quality material that your body can use to create new tissues and is also poor-quality fuel for your body’s functions. And our chemically laden environment adds even more toxic debris that your body has to overcome.

When we started our practice ten years ago, our mission was to create a healthy community of engaged patients who understand that chiropractic and proper nutrition should be the first choice in healthcare. Because of these two ideas—which are surprisingly simple in their application—many of our patients have had success stories. Chiropractic and proper nutrition simply help the body work as nature intended. We offer something different, and if you look at the sad statistics on American health, different is good!

The Night Before Wellness is my gift to the profession. It’s a way to tell the story of natural healthcare in a simple and straightforward way. It opens patients up to the idea that there may be more to health than drugs or other medical interventions. Get your copies today and start spreading the truth!

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Dr. David Kolowski

Dr. David Kolowski is a chiropractor, speaker, and author in Loveland, Colorado. His booklet The Night Before Wellness gives the Big Idea of natural healthcare to readers young and old. Dr. Kolowski describes his mission as helping people ask better questions while seeing the bigger picture. You can find him at Inside Health.

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