Announcing the Men in Kitchens Series!

Do more than just man the grill! The first eBook in our Men in Kitchens series, A Good Day to Dine Hard, will teach the guys how to make healthy, mouth-watering meals for friends and family. Nick Armstrong and Patrick Earvolino share a dozen of their favorite manly recipes—but they don’t stop there. They also offer up plenty of tips in the Kitchen Savvy section that’ll get you looking sharp at the cutting board.

Learn how to make everyday favorites like Turkey Meatballs, Bachelor’s Eggs, and Real Deal Vinaigrette, and impress family, friends, dates, significant others, and spouses with dishes like Perfect Pasta Bistro Dinner, Curry Rubbed Salmon, and Roasted Ratatouille.

Get your copy of Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard eBook during our pre-sale, and when it’s hot off the press, it’ll be waiting for you in your Selene River Press account for download.

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“Fostering my own family traditions around food and what food means to us has been a key ingredient to a happy marriage, strong family ties, and a great work ethic. It’s also how I take ownership of my family’s health. Cooking, and cooking healthfully, not only makes me a better provider for my family but also a more useful husband and partner.” —Nick Armstrong

“Was it too much to ask, I thought, that my food not only tasted good but was good for me? So I decided to create my own way of cooking. Something fit for a dude, with simple, hearty, nutritious recipes heavy on flavor and light on hassle.” —Patrick Armstrong

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