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5 of the Most Famous Rice Dishes

As someone who considers myself a recovering “carbaholic,” one of my main concerns when I decided to take up a healthier lifestyle was that I wouldn’t be able to indulge in something I loved…I’m talking pasta, French fries, all the carb-heavy foods. You name it, I loved it. But thankfully, I discovered that there are […]

Grilled Green Tomato and Roasted Beet Caprese Salad with Herbed Goat Cheese

When it comes to vegetable gardening, few plants bring me as much joy as a variety of sweet tomatoes. Their lovely colors often grace my plate at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They’re one of those foods that almost no store-bought specimen will come close to in flavor. Toward the end of growing season, I’m often […]

Cornmeal-Crusted Fish with Spicy Herbed Remoulade Sauce

Last week, I was given a bag of fragrant, native, yellow stone-ground cornmeal from Anson Mills with the request that I “please make something out of it.” Well, of course the first thing that came to mind was cornbread. But anyone who knows me knows that I like to take the road less traveled and […]

Dinner from the Sea: The Ultimate Youth Serum

Are you like many cooks who rarely, if ever, grace your dinner table with the treasure trove of foods from our majestic seas? This very thought came to me recently. After rereading my own blog post about the nutritional promise of ribonucleic acid (RNA), a nutrient often touted as a special youth serum that’s abundant […]

Hold the Mayo!

Mayonnaise. Mayo. A favorite condiment in the U.S. of A. You’ll find some Hellman’s or Kraft in just about every sandwich shop, burger joint, and refrigerator. But unfortunately, mayo is no longer a healthy option for us. Read on to learn why. The Original Mayonnaise There are conflicting opinions on when and where mayonnaise (originally […]

Discussing Sea Vegetables: Not Just Nutrient but Super Nutrient!

Generally speaking, sea vegetables are primarily eaten by people in the Asian community. Interestingly enough, we also find an absence of obesity and thyroid disease in this culture! Ever wonder why? In view of our fever-pitched attempts to lose excess weight as well as the fact that so many of us take thyroid medications, it […]

6 Slow Cooker Recipes That Will Make You Look Wonderful

For many of us, losing weight is a constant struggle between our urge to eat the food we love and the realization that we need to make sacrifices to look good and stay healthy. However, you can eat a much more fulfilling diet than your usual unseasoned salad and chicken breast. Slow cookers are both […]

Confused About Carbs? What the Experts Are Saying

“Carbs” is an abbreviated slang word for carbohydrates, a critical part of the human diet. I get more questions about this subject than almost any other food item. I subscribe to many email newsletters about nutrient dense foods, and carbs came up a lot in November, along with a cornucopia of Thanksgiving recipes. Each newsletter […]

Buckwheat Pancakes: A Delicious Breakfast That Can Keep Your Heart Pumping

Last September, I had the opportunity to attend Back to School for Doctors 2016, presented by Mark Anderson from Standard Process West. I’d never been to this event before, and all I can say is wow! What I assumed would be a few doctors gathered in a small conference room turned out to be a […]

Candida, Thrush, or Eczema Got You Down? Try Kefir!

Sound like a superfood? It is! But what is kefir (pronounced ke-fir)? Originating from the north Caucasus Mountains, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, kefir is a cultured milk product much like yogurt. But while yogurt is cultured solely with the beneficial bacteria known as lactobacilli, kefir is cultured with lactobacilli and […]

Sour Cream Is Not Sour Cream!

You can’t buy real sour cream in the United States—but read on for an easy, homemade option. Sour cream is not available in the United States. Real sour cream, that is. Authentic sour cream. Sour cream that is soured cream. I know, you just bought a container at your grocery store the other day. The […]

Kick Up Your Apple Preservation

Have you taken a whiff outside lately? The fragrant, sweet aroma of apple season has arrived. It’s the time of year that makes a person think of bushels and baking. While noshing on a fresh apple is always a great choice, it’s worth taking a look at other ways of kicking up the nutrient profile […]

How to Introduce Kids to the Kitchen

Whether they’re tugging at your trousers, sweetly asking to “help,” or demanding to know what’s for dinner, kids in the kitchen can make us nervous. There are sharp knives, hot stoves and ovens, pots full of scalding liquid, and overflowing mixing bowls to worry about. But once you learn to navigate the risks, cooking together […]

Chef’s Tips for New Orleans One-Pot Creole Gumbo

Creole Gumbo

Ask Chef Phyllis: I love New Orleans, but I’ve only gone to Mardi Gras once. I like Creole food too. Most of the restaurants have a specialty, so it’s hard to decide what to order. My husband and I tried the Muffaletta sandwich at one place as well as the gumbo from the famous Cochon […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Side of Beef: Chef’s Tips for Short Ribs

Short ribs

Ask Chef Phyllis: After purchasing a half side of beef last summer, I have very little of the better cuts like steak, filet mignon, and roast left by the end of the year. I saw your recipe for French Beef Stew on Facebook (I’m Jena’s friend) and decided to try it. The beef cubes were […]

Legendary Gingerbread Whole Wheat Pancakes


Ask Chef Phyllis: We stayed at the Pierre Hotel in New York City and ate the best gingerbread pancakes at their Café Pierre. Actually, they were the best pancakes we’ve ever had—hands down. I only get to travel to New York maybe once every year or two, so I’d like to have this recipe. Is […]

Chef’s Tips for Succulent Brined Pork Chops

Pork Chop

Ask Chef Phyllis: Everything I read or see these days is about brining—from the Thanksgiving turkey to pork and lamb for the grill. Well, I brined ½-inch thick pork chops before grilling them, and they were not only dry but pickled. I wanted juicy and flavorful. They were a lot of prep as well. After […]

Beer and Cider-Braised Pork Shanks

The humble pork shank doesn’t get much recognition compared to its low, slow, braise-worthy cousins, such as the shoulder. That’s too bad. Shanks not only take up less room and time in the kitchen, but they also contain lots of rich cartilage that add dimension and silkiness, as well as plenty of nutrients, to the […]

Relaxation: The Cure-All Vitamin

Some years back I saw a survey of several thousand people who were asked what they considered their greatest blessing. The majority indicated “A good night’s sleep!”   I don’t disagree. Thinking back to when I was privileged to meet Sally Fallon Morell for the first time, my most poignant memory is proudly holding onto […]

Austrian Style Christmas Cheese Fondue


Ask Chef Phyllis: Every year just before Christmas Eve, I begin to think of my grandmother’s cheese fondue. I thought it was very special, and the memory brings joy to my heart. I’ve tried to duplicate it several times, but I wasn’t successful. It was an expensive experiment. Since then, I’ve purchased the supermarket Swiss fondue box […]