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Gallbladder Attack! A Very Painful but Preventable Condition

On the same day I thought it might be time for a chiropractic adjustment, I noticed a sharp, intense pain in the upper right side of my body, underneath my ribcage. Along with that, my upper right back muscles and lower right hip felt painful and stiff. I went to see Dr. Joe Givan, one […]

Keep Your Gallbladder!

What is the gallbladder, anyway? Why is it important? I know a lot of people whose gallbladder made them so sick they had it removed. My own doctor says I should do the same. For being such a tiny accessory organ, the gallbladder is a big deal. I’ve never believed that human bodies have “spare […]

How to Live with Your Gallbladder

When I set out to write a book about the importance of the gallbladder, many people thought I was crazy. My children thought it was disgusting, and my friends just thought it was weird. However, my husband was incredibly supportive. While I did the research, he contributed his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician specializing […]