How to Live with Your Gallbladder

When I set out to write a book about the importance of the gallbladder, many people thought I was crazy. My children thought it was disgusting, and my friends just thought it was weird. However, my husband was incredibly supportive. While I did the research, he contributed his clinical experience as a chiropractic physician specializing in whole food nutrition.

Gallbladder removal seemed to be a hot topic with the patients at our Utah clinic. All the while, I was becoming more aware of my own gallbladder. I didn’t know, at first, that it was causing my aversion to fatty foods as well as the trouble I had digesting them. I assumed it was a side effect of getting older or making bad food choices.

My research was partially self-fulfilling. I wanted to know how to deal with this gallbladder issue myself. I’ve never been a fan of surgeries or other invasive measures. I’ve always believed that if we care properly for our bodies, they should last us a lifetime without much problem.

Partially for the sake of my research and partially for the sake of my health, I tried a liver/gallbladder flush. It was difficult trying to drink so much apple juice for days, followed by olive oil. I did it over the weekend, and then went to church the morning of the flush. I don’t recommend attempting the flush when you have somewhere to be that day. But it was interesting and somewhat successful. I feel like I’d need to repeat it a few times to get the full benefit.

The best method I found for dealing with a pesky gallbladder is to think about what you put into your mouth and digestive tract every day. I take Standard Process A-F Betafood in large doses when I’ve eaten something fatty, such as sausage. But my best line of defense is not to eat that stuff at all. When I eat clean, I don’t even know I have a gallbladder. (For people who’ve already had their gallbladder removed, we recommend Standard Process Cholacol to help take over some of its functions.)

Stones? Yes, I’m sure I have some. Statistics tell us that 80 percent of us have them without even know it. However, the presence of gallstones isn’t something to get bent out of shape about. It’s only if you don’t make any dietary changes that they can grow and become a big problem. You can find plenty of dietary help for stones in our book, Gallbladder Matters. You have a lot more control of your health than many medical professionals will give you credit for.

I’m determined to keep this gallbladder of mine for life. It may remind me when I eat something I shouldn’t, but an uncomfortable reminder to keep me in line isn’t a bad thing. There’s so much wonderful, healthy food in this world, and if you feed your body what it needs, it will perform its best for you every day.

You can get your copy of Gallbladder Matters: Keep Yours for Life from Selene River Press. You’ll find easy-to-understand anatomical and physiological information about the gallbladder, all of it informed by studies published in professional, peer reviewed medical journals and my husband’s personal clinical experience. And let’s not forget a full chapter of recipes to enhance gallbladder health. Order today and share this timely information with your friends, loved-ones, and patients. What can be better than giving the gift of better health?

Catherine Sarchenko

Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Education, Health Science, and Health Administration, and is almost finished with her master’s degree. She’s been to numerous seminars about nutrition, and continually pursues her own self study on nutritional topics. She blogs, give talks, and offers one-on-one counseling with people who want to improve their health through nutrition. She was even inspired by the challenge of writing a book to help educate people about their bodies and nutrition. Through all of these endeavors, her guiding passion has been to spread the message that eating healthy is the key to being healthy.

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