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Healthy Eating for Older People:
Loving Our Loved Ones

We often forget about older people during the holidays, and for that matter during the rest of the year as well. (Sad but true.) Who are they? For the most part, they are aging loners who may or may not have family nearby. This year has been an especially difficult one for our seniors and […]

The Importance of Vitamins A and D:
Nutrients You Must Have

With all the many vitamins available to us, you might wonder why I chose to focus on vitamins A and D in this particular article. Well, wonder no more. (Smile) These two power-packed vitamins are essential for our health, and they are abundant in the foods I discuss below. Before we get to that, however, […]

The Testosterone Angle:
Basics Facts for Men—and Yes, Even Women

Many of you are probably asking what? Why is it so important to write about testosterone? After all, don’t we already know all about it from Dr. Internet? Well, since most athletically inclined individuals seem to be buying tons of supplements from the thousands of companies now selling body-building powders, pills, and other muscle-enhancing products […]

Winterizing School Age Children:
Keeping Them Well Is a Major Responsibility

School days are now in full force, with the hot summer months quickly folding into fall and winter coming way too soon. (Sigh) As we anticipate these long cold months ahead, many of us are wondering how this winter will be different from others that came before it. This is a question we had no […]

The Art of Total Relaxation:
Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual

It may seem as if the only people who can reach this most serene state of being exist in religious or spiritual communities that are dedicated to keeping separate from worldly experiences. The rest of us must deal with the noise of the world—both the good and the bad—every day of the year! Nevertheless, in […]

Ignite Your Digestive Fire:
Why You Need the Intrinsic Factor

Most of you know about the importance of eating healthy raw foods such as raw milk and fermented foods made from raw vegetables. Other examples include mixed salads and coleslaw, which provide a major element of a healthy diet: enzymes. And let’s not forget bile, a vital substance for digesting fats and avoiding constipation and […]

Edible Flowers:
Beautiful, but Are They Nutritious?

I recently went looking for information on some of the lovely herbs and flowers growing in my yard, and to my pleasant surprise I discovered that many of them are, in fact, edible flowers! I knew a little about edible flowers before this, and I always picked the fresh petals on my one red rose […]

Weight Loss, Real Probiotics & a Skinny Me!

I was recently engaged in a conversation with a middle-aged lady who confided that she had spent a good portion of her hard-earned income on a whole slew of diet regimens, but they did little to help her lose that extra fat. Now she was buying yet another product that she hoped would help her […]

Therapies for Chronic Itching:
Symptoms & Solutions

It is perfectly natural to reach out and scratch the occasional itch. Within moments, the itching sensation is gone. This is the simple solution from Mother Nature to alleviate the otherwise serious and annoying problem of chronic itching! Unfortunately, sometimes scratching only seems to make the itching worse, and if the unique condition is bad […]

Your Circulatory System:
The Importance of Knowing the Basics

We all know, at least in a broad sense, the general meaning of the words circulatory system. But my understanding of it has recently been enhanced after a very knowledgeable person, Mark R. Anderson (president of Standard Process West), explained to me that supporting the circulatory system is a critical step to take when addressing […]

Essential Food and Care for Your Eyes:
Prevention, Healing, and Preserving

It is my belief that we need our precious eyesight more than any other part of the human body. I say this because I’ve dealt with eye issues for the past year. I hope you will take this opportunity to understand the basics of preventing, healing, and preserving this wonderful gift. As such, I will […]

A New Star Is Born:
Colorado Butter and Cheese (Yum!)

As a writer of all things healthy, it was my distinct pleasure to find a great new business that has decided to make their home base right here in my neighborhood of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Who is that new star? It’s Sawatch Artisan Foods. I encourage you to visit their website and learn a little […]

The Healthy Brain:
How Is Your Long and Short Term Memory?

For many years I’ve been under the impression that seniors were the only ones who needed to do everything possible to preserve their precious brain function. After all, it makes every conversation and every single day something we can keep remembering! Yes, remembering is possibly the single most important function that allows us to do […]

The 7 Wonders of Zinc:
My Favorite Trace Mineral

Many of us are more familiar with macrominerals (the major ones) than we are with trace minerals, so I thought just a brief review of the major mineral group and their effects would be a good place to start before I get to the nitty-gritty of trace minerals and why I’ve fallen in love with […]

How Are You Getting Your Enzymes?
A Major Key to a Healthy Diet

Let’s assume that you’re an ordinary person living an ordinary life, eating what you believe is a healthy diet. Nevertheless, you still pop those antacids to relieve sometimes mild to severe digestive discomfort. And if you ever complain to your medical doctor about this issue, in most cases they simply hand you another prescription for […]

Age-Related Muscle Loss:
Seniors, Listen Up—There Is Help!

Age-related muscle loss is a very subtle condition. It slowly creeps up like a thief in the night, and suddenly it’s harder to walk up those three steps to the back door. Unlike last year, you tire more quickly when you go for a walk or out shopping. No, you rarely feel any pain, but […]

Stress-Lowering Adaptogens:
Have You Reached Your Wits’ End?

Though your reasons may be different from mine, I’ll bet that many of you, for whatever reason, have simply reached your wits’ end! This is a deeper kind of stress that comes from losing both the patience and the mental capacity to let go of an ongoing problem. And I, for one, have been there, […]

Are You Sluggish or Rushed?
Looking at the Autonomic Nervous System

For too many years, it seems we’ve all been reading articles on the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which together comprise the autonomic nervous system (ANS). However, though we are told that the ANS is important to our health, we don’t take the time to follow up and actually learn why. Sound familiar? Well, at […]

Balancing the Acid & Alkaline pH:
Things You May Not Know, but Should!

Possibly one of the most searched for health topics in 2020 was how to transition to a mostly alkaline diet due to its supposed health benefits. Perhaps even more interesting is that we are spending millions of dollars buying alkaline water. Recently, a close friend of mine asked me what I knew about drinking alkaline […]

Stacking the Zzzs:
My Favorite “Sleep Better” Suggestions

With all of the chaos of the past year, one of the most frequently asked questions I received came from highly stressed individuals who simply couldn’t fall into a deep sleep—or even if they could, they’d still wake back up in those awful early-morning hours and never fall back into the sweet snoozing state I […]