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Honey as Cough Suppressant

Specialists at the American College of Chest Physicians report that cough syrups don’t work. If anything, these products may have a negative impact on your health. Popular cough syrups include expectorants to increase mucus flow and decongestants to decrease mucus flow. They also include dextromethorphan (DM) to suppress a cough by shutting down the reflex […]

Sleep: 40 Winks of Good Health

It’s been several years since I’ve had the daily, glazed-over look of a sleep-deprived new parent. But I can still recognize—and sympathize—with other new moms and dads from a mile away. You see them now and then out in the world. In the grocery store, they may ask where the bananas are, even if they’re […]

How to Save Your Health from Your Self

Have you ever gotten in the way of yourself when trying to make changes in your life? So desperate for everything to be great, right now, that you’d try almost anything? I have. You see, I have a tendency to get a tad overzealous about new ideas. When I decide my family needs to make […]