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Gallbladders Matter! Keep Yours for Life

In 2012, gallbladder removal surgery was cited as the most common elective surgery performed in the United States. Roughly ten years ago, I heard a lot about the gallbladder for the first time. I was around thirty then (yes, I’m sharing my age) and not yet working in the health field. I’ve always been interested […]

How Human Touch Benefits Everyone

Think about the last time someone reached out and grabbed your hand just when you needed it. Chances are, this gesture immediately made you feel calmer, more supported, and ready to face whatever challenge was in front of you. This response isn’t unique to you or your situation (though there’s no harm in focusing on […]

Interesting Facts About Donating Blood

A few years back I started donating blood on a regular basis. The main reason why goes back to a memory of my mom coming home with a sticker on her shirt. It read something along the lines of: Be kind to me. I donated blood today. I don’t remember her talking about it, but […]

7 Easy Tips to Find Time to Exercise

“I just don’t have time to exercise.” Sound like you? You’re not alone. “No time” is the number one excuse people make for not exercising. Not to be cruel, but let’s be honest. It isn’t about having the time—it’s about making the time. Your health, fitness, and waistline depend on it. Work, school, job, and […]

Top 5 Self-Health Adventures of 2016

Remember when you were younger and “old” people were always talking about how quickly time goes by? You didn’t believe them, right? Neither did I—but I’m there now. I’m always flabbergasted when we get to another one of our boys’ birthdays or the last few days of any given year. Yet here we are at […]

Holistic Healing Through Equine-Assisted Therapy

When you commit to a lifestyle of eating healthy and nutritious food, strange things start to happen. For some of us, these things involve horses, as you’ll see…but we’re not quite there yet. When I say “strange things,” I’m not talking about the dreaded carb flu some of us experience at the onset of a […]

Be Happy—No Matter What! The Happiness Neurotransmitters

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have a consistently happy, positive attitude? Do you think it’s possible to maintain a seemingly effervescent smile even when things aren’t going your way? Do you brood a lot? Are you blue, disappointed with your life, and lacking incentive to work on your dreams? Read on […]

Candida, Thrush, or Eczema Got You Down? Try Kefir!

Sound like a superfood? It is! But what is kefir (pronounced ke-fir)? Originating from the north Caucasus Mountains, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, kefir is a cultured milk product much like yogurt. But while yogurt is cultured solely with the beneficial bacteria known as lactobacilli, kefir is cultured with lactobacilli and […]

Forget Diamonds—Maca Is a Girl’s Best Friend!

 From the high mountains of Peru, the Maca plant has made its debut here in the United States as one of the top superfoods, especially for women. Maca root aids in all sorts of female hormonal functions, from menstruation to menopause. Can I get a hallelujah? Peruvians have been utilizing the Maca root since the […]

4 Alternatives to the Flu Shot

“Get your flu shot here!” It’s hard to drive around town this time of year without seeing these signs. My intention isn’t to tell you whether or not you should swing into the parking lot next time you see one of them, but I do think it’s important to know that you have alternatives. It’s […]

A New Year, a New Tradition for Your Teeth


Now that all the names on your gift list have been crossed off for the year, it’s time to make your next list: all the fabulous things you want more (and less) of in the New Year. While I tend to make this list on my birthday instead, New Year’s Day is another time I […]

Gifts to Melt Away the Worries of the Day

We all know the holidays can be a stressful time of year. We celebrate, stay up later than normal, and eat more food than our bodies are used to. The weather can also play a huge factor in our travels, and it isn’t always smooth sailing to get where we need to be. It would […]

Relaxation: The Cure-All Vitamin

Some years back I saw a survey of several thousand people who were asked what they considered their greatest blessing. The majority indicated “A good night’s sleep!”   I don’t disagree. Thinking back to when I was privileged to meet Sally Fallon Morell for the first time, my most poignant memory is proudly holding onto […]

Muscle Response Analysis: Organs & Immune System, Featuring Lowell Keppel, DC

I’m not a pill person. I demand more from my doctor than “take this pill.” I want to get to the root of the problem, not cover up symptoms. As the demand for a holistic approach to health care grows, practitioners need the right tools to treat patients who want these options. Add one of […]

Two Practitioners and Two Methods at One Great Seminar

Nutrition is on everyone’s mind these days. I have a pretty good idea of what’s healthy and what isn’t, but is it that simple? We need professional and customized guidance when it comes to the complex web of nutritional health. Holistic practitioners are perfectly poised to tap into these concerns that we all face on […]

Muscle Response Analysis: Advanced Review, featuring Lowell Keppel, D.C.

Benchmarks…people say it all the time, but what does it mean? A benchmark is a point of reference from which measurements may be made. It’s something you use to track your progress. So how does Muscle Response Analysis work as a benchmark, you might ask? Well, if you want to learn more, Dr. Lowell Keppel […]

One Simple Habit To Keep You Healthy


A battle has been raging between adults and children since the beginning of time. You know what I’m talking about. It’s about a simple, throughout-the-day routine that keeps some pretty serious diseases at bay. And it only requires two things—soap and water. Yup, hand-washing. Think about the most common question you hear parents ask their […]

The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy, Featuring Dr. Michael Gaeta

If you’re a healthcare practitioner and you don’t know what trophotherapy is, here’s your opportunity to find out! The short answer? Trophotherapy is the science of healing by applied nutrition. But as a practitioner, you need to know more. With this seminar quickly approaching, there’s no better time to get the critical information you need […]

Ancient Grain Primer: Taking a Closer Look at Nutrient Dense Grains

I recently had the privilege to write an article for the Weston A. Price Foundation titled “To Gluten or Not to Gluten,” and I was amazed to see so many responses of the not-so- favorable type. It didn’t take long to realize that I’d touched a very sensitive nerve with my suggestion that we stop […]

What’s So Great About Apples?

Fall is here, and along with the season comes one of the most versatile fruits out there, the apple. It’s easy to find an apple recipe for every eating occasion you can imagine, and for good reason. This ubiquitous, orb-like fruit is simply delicious—and it’s quite nutritious as well. What’s so great about apples? Let […]