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Therapeutic Foods from the Hive: Lacking Energy? Try Royal Jelly

What started out as an average morning slowly became one of those days that made my eyes droop by 9:00 a.m.! I was in one of those scary zero-energy zones where all the willpower I could muster did nothing to help me face all the necessary tasks that lay ahead of me. This is frequently […]

Honeybee’s Indolent Dawdling Deliverer: The Drone

Male honeybees are called drones. Let me just drone on about them for a while. Drones are insects, not to be confused with the high-tech gadgets used to spy on you in modern times. Honeybee drones are good for only one thing: passing their mother’s genes on to future generations. This is no exaggeration. It […]

This Year, Give the Gift of Real Food

Believe it or not, there are only 16 days until Christmas. How’s your shopping coming along? I’m a list maker, so I like nothing better than to write down all of the people I need to buy for, make note of something they mentioned wanting, and cross their name off once I find the perfect […]

To the Almonds! It’s Super Bee!

The netting might be relatively opaque and difficult to see through, but you can be sure that there are millions of living honeybees riding on the trailer. When the truck says something about honey, bees, or apiaries, what’s riding is probably live insects. (Photo by Hackenberg Apiaries, used with permission from Dave Hackenberg, commercial beekeeper.) […]

The Honeybee Queen

The honeybee is an amazingly popular topic of conversation among the general public these days—even starring on the cover of Time magazine in 2013. No one is more acutely aware of this than beekeepers like myself. In any given audience, all I have to do is mention I’m a beekeeper, and I’m pretty much guaranteed […]

Bee Safe Neighborhoods

By Donald Studinski, based on original text by David Braden, Director of Living Systems Institute Living Systems Institute (LSI), a non-profit operating in Golden, Colorado, and Honeybee Keep, a commercial beekeeping business operating in Broomfield, Colorado, have joined forces to sponsor the Bee Safe Neighborhoods program. We pose this question: “Do you want a healthy […]

Beekeepers Need a Living Wage

Don Studinski works the bees for customer Jamie Ngo. This colony is called Sugarloaf 13. Jamie pays an annual pollination fee which helps keep the beekeeper alive. (Photo by Jamie Ngo) I love my fellow beekeepers. Of course we disagree on small, unimportant details, but overall this is a wonderful bunch of people whose hearts […]

Your Backyard Garden Is Killing Honeybees!

DDT advertisement circa 1947 from Pennsalt Chemicals. In a recent article for the American Bee Journal, Ron Phipps writes: […] it is becoming increasingly clear that the widespread use of neonicotinoids on agricultural crops is a major factor [for annual honeybee losses.] The manufacturers of these pesticides, like the manufacturers of tobacco products in an […]