The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy, Featuring Dr. Michael Gaeta

If you’re a healthcare practitioner and you don’t know what trophotherapy is, here’s your opportunity to find out! The short answer? Trophotherapy is the science of healing by applied nutrition. But as a practitioner, you need to know more. With this seminar quickly approaching, there’s no better time to get the critical information you need to help you help your patients.

We believe that it is only through the sustained patient education of health professionals that the American people can end this crude century-long experiment of depraved nutrition amid caloric affluence.
—Mark Anderson

Join us on November 13 in Colorado Springs  where Dr. Michael Gaeta will address the concepts of trophotherapy as originally taught by Dr. Royal Lee and recently presented by Mark R. Anderson at Back to School for Doctors 2014.

Trophotherapy comprises six core principles:

  • Nutritional Complexes: The Cataplexes and Synergists
  • Exogenous Immunity: Pathogens from Without
  • Endogenous Immunity: Autoimmune Reactions
  • Digestion: The TRIAD of Breakdown and Assimilation
  • Cardiovascular: The TRIAD of the Heart
  • Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

If you’ve been looking for new ways to enrich your approach to holistic healthcare, join Dr. Gaeta in Colorado Springs and expand your knowledge of this important concept. Click here for the SRP Events Calendar for more information.

Samantha Prust

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