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The SWEET Secret in Leafy Greens: Clarion Call to Eat More Greens!

Green smoothie

Are you one of the many millions of people who, even though you know how essential leafy greens are for your health, you—yes, you—nevertheless find at the end of the week that once again, you’ve not eaten any leafy greens! The feelings of remorse and guilt creep back for the umpteenth time, and with a […]

Blood Sugar Control: An Herbal & Food Perspective

Blood sugar control

Sometimes the usual foods we choose to keep our blood sugar stabilized are just that—“usual foods.” Take, for example, the common suggestion that we just eat a slice of cheese or drink a cup of coffee! Unfortunately, we forget, or simply don’t know, that for thousands of years many different herbs and foods have played […]

Bone Disorders: Real Osteoporosis Prevention!

skeletal structure

Are you one of the many worried people who would like to know how to best prevent the onset of an early bone disorder, or even stop the progression of one you suspect is already happening?  Maybe, like me, you’re not too excited about exercise, beyond taking long, healthy walks, but warnings that you must […]

Fat Burning Foods! Develop Your Own Weight Loss Program

How many times has your doctor or holistic practitioner—or even just a concerned friend—handed you a carefully outlined list of recommendations on this or that “best of the best” weight-loss diet, BUT once you got home, the information went on top of the coffee table, never to be looked at again? How about tippy-toeing around […]

Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes

Kids eating dessert

When I was growing up, there was nothing like when my mom would bake her unbeatable chocolate cake. Each day, we’d only get one slice, along with a tall glass of really cold milk. Nirvana is the only way to describe each bite of this smooth, chocolaty treat. Oh so sweet and delicious. Yum! Although […]

Anointing Your Body with Oil: One More In-Depth Healing Technique

Woman anointing feet

“Essential substances, including healing fats, must be obtained in optimal quantities to maintain optimal health.” —Udo Eramus Have you perchance ever wondered why it is that even when you eat well and use affirmations, prayer, and meditations, you’re still, after so much effort, unable to resolve some persistent health issue? Could the practice of anointing […]

Nourishing Your Pet: Spotlight on Raw Food Diets and More!

Dog and cat

While basking quietly in my cozy reading chair and watching the morning sun coming through my east bedroom window, I was surprised by the sudden PA-LOP! that brought me out of my reverie. There, to my surprise, was my sweet cat curling up in my lap, wanting to also enjoy those welcome rays of morning […]

Healing the Immune System

Immune system

We see the words “healing the immune system” in hundreds of magazines, TV shows, and pieces of literature. I recently found out from a family member that there are even immune system research centers where children can be tested and treated for immune system disorders! I can only surmise they treat such disorders with steroids […]

Nutrient Dense Foods: What They Are and Are Not!

Nutrient dense foods

In a recent conversation with a lady who had just discovered Sally Fallon’s cookbook Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price Foundation, it became incredibly apparent to me that despite the enormous amount of information available to people, both in print and online, many STILL have a low grasp of what foods qualify as “nutrient […]

Insomnia Relief! Help from a Former Insomniac


Having spent many years as a former insomniac, I thought it might be helpful to tackle the subject of sleepless nights at the start of a hopeful and more peaceful new year. After all, even those of us who are relatively healthy and not experiencing any chronic pain or emotional upheaval will occasionally meet up […]

Why Your Brain Needs a Day of Rest

Shush graphic

I was recently obliged to stay at home all day Sunday with only myself and a snoozing cat! All my nicely organized church plans were necessarily canceled due to it being one of the most cold, snowy, icy days to date. Driving anywhere was simply not an option. I was simply paralyzed as I took […]

Healthy Eating on the Cheap

pile of money

Looking back over the years since I became a Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, and then while I worked full-time on my nutritional practice, the most common complaint I heard from people was that eating healthy is just too darn expensive! Even now that I’m semi-retired, I still hear the same thing. […]

Vitamin Rich Casserole Recipe Bonanza!


In my ongoing quest to cook nutrient dense meals, I’ve been on the hunt for that ever-wonderful dish called a casserole. As a household of one, casseroles are a real timesaver for me. They use several types of foods (even leftovers), and I can combine my favorite flavors. Best of all, I can bake casseroles […]

New Data on Your Precious Eyes!


In a recent blog post about the eye-brain connection, I detailed my own difficult battle with an eye disorder called episcleritis. Although I dealt with it successfully enough to stop using steroids, some troubling issues nevertheless remained. My continued search for a magic potion that would bring my eyes back to their original sharp focus […]

Medicinal Bone Broth for Winter’s Woes

Sick man drinking broth

Like many of us, you may wait till the last minute before you start scrambling to find an easy way to banish the first sign of the winter woes. Yes, that’s the case for many of us with too busy a lifestyle. We find ourselves unprepared to prevent the onset of a bad cold, sore […]

The 3 P’s: Preparing Pork Properly

Pork graphic

It seems that every time I put pork on the grocery list, a little voice somewhere deep inside me says, “Parasites! Parasites!” I promptly dispel the thought and remind myself to simply cook the pork to the point of being dry—and unsavory! In an effort to understand the why of this precaution and learn to […]

The Very Best One Dish Meal!

Cranberry bean

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and your taste buds simply don’t crave eggs, bacon, and toast? I’m sure you know what I mean, but if not, I’m talking about those normal foods we’ve been educated to think are the only true breakfast foods, and everything else is either […]