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Avgolemono (Greek Egg Lemon Soup)

I love the versatility of eggs. They’re my favorite go-to protein when I need something simple, enjoyable, and fast. I definitely don’t reserve them for breakfast, either. In fact, I think I probably eat more eggs for dinner—atop a crisp salad or whipped into a quick frittata—than I do for breakfast. Since I’m regularly looking […]

Spring Cabbage-Asparagus Saute

Once considered somewhat of a delicacy, modern farming and technology have been able to provide us with asparagus for a good part of the year. However, at its heart, asparagus is still an iconic spring vegetable—one of the first specimens to mark the arrival of the season when its peculiar shoots peek from the ground […]

Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Fennel Soup

Ask Chef Phyllis: My husband and I have been vegetarians for many years and are always looking for something new. At a Denver restaurant, we recently enjoyed a Black Bean Sweet Potato soup/stew that had a licorice flavor. We asked our waitress and she told us the ingredient was fennel. I’m not familiar with fennel. […]

Lamb and Spring Vegetable Stew with Pearled Barley

I grew up on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Besides being somewhat notorious for our laid-back attitude and astonishing ratio of artists per capita, the island has always been known for its tender, mildly flavored lamb. I’m not quite sure what makes this lamb so exceptional, but it rivals anything I have ever […]

The Shocking Truth About Nut Butters

Coconut Almond Butter

My whole family loves nut butters. For breakfast, raw almond butter slathered on a piece of warm toast with melty butter underneath, gobbled up while it’s still gooey. For a snack, roasted peanut and raw sesame-seed butter smeared on crisp apple slices. For dinner, peanut butter made into a sauce over chicken, vegetables, and rice. […]

Cauliflower Fried “Rice”

Okay, so this recipe doesn’t really include rice at all. Sorry to disappoint all you rice-loving folks. Hey, I love me some rice, too; don’t get me wrong. One of my favorite ways to enjoy this universal staple is by treating it as the base for a substantial, nutritionally balanced, one-pot meal full of other […]

French Beef Stew with Wine for the Slow Cooker

Ask Chef Phyllis: Thinking about a menu for six to seven dinners a week gives me nightmares. Can you help with some recipes for the slow cooker that will satisfy my meat-and-potato family? — Loretta Edmiston, Riesel, Texas Yes! Here’s a French Beef Stew with Wine that feeds 4 to 6 good appetites, freezes well, […]

Beef Shank Osso Buco

This classic Milanese braise literally translates as “bone with a hole,” in reference to the succulent exposed marrow from the cross-cut shank bone. Although the dish is traditionally made with veal shanks, I’ve found that beef is not only much more economical but seems to contain more flavor than its younger counterpart, so it’s a […]

Coconut-Honey Flan

Flan is a classic egg custard dessert, particularly familiar to many Latin American tables. Though regional variations are found all over the world, flan’s roots are most likely found in France, where the custard is more commonly known as crème caramel. The dessert is essentially a reversed crème brûlée, with an exception that flan and […]

Seared Scallops with Grapefruit-Avocado Salad

Spring is just around the corner, or so I keep reassuring myself. Without fail, there comes a very precise moment towards the tail end of winter where my body screams “Stop! No more soup! Please, please give me a glimpse of summer, and feed me something light and refreshing!” That moment generally occurs sometime between […]

Healthier Chocolate Mousse for Two

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a sinfully decadent treat, especially one that’s handmade with affection. And you can’t get much more sinful and decadent than a rich, dark chocolate mousse. The fact that chocolate mousse takes mere minutes to prepare, and is practically fail-safe to boot, serves to really butter up your significant […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Flourless Cake

Chocolate cake

Ask Chef Phyllis: Valentine’s Day is special to me, but my husband is gluten intolerant. Cakes are so festive—and he loves chocolate. Any suggestions? —Loretta Spano from Port Richey, Florida How romantic to do something special for your husband! This gluten-free Chocolate Flourless Cake will make his day. Ingredients Cake 8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips […]

Curried Squash and Apple Soup

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; I’m a soup person. I truly think I could be content eating soup once a day all year long, even in the heat of summer. But I can think of no better time to make a big pot of hot soup than at times […]

East Coast Chili con Carne and Easy Scallion Corn Bread

Ask Chef Phyllis: I don’t like the kind of chili that restaurants make out West, with pinto beans. I’m looking for a recipe with red kidney beans that my mom used to make on the stovetop. Can you help? —Mike Corbin, Sante Fe, NM Oh, yes, I remember a huge pot of chili con carne […]

Mongolian Stir-Fried Lamb with Cumin

I’m always on the lookout for new, unusual flavors and unique combinations of ingredients that harmonize well with each other. When I came across the concept of a spicy, Sichuan-style stir-fry, combining classic Chinese staples, like soy sauce and chiles, with cumin, a spice most associated with Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking, I was thoroughly […]

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Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Dill

Everything’s better with bacon, right? Well, most vegetarians may disagree, but to me it’s completely understandable why this stuff is called The Gateway Meat. I actually personally know some folks who proclaim they “don’t really eat meat, except the occasional fish…oh, and bacon.” I’m of the impression that if it’s not made better with bacon, […]

Crispy Salmon Cakes with Quick Homemade Tartar Sauce

The month of January prompts many of us to increase our focus on self-improvement. I personally make every attempt to avoid use of the term “resolution. It somehow seems to turn this time of inner reflection into more of a cliché than it should be. However, the beginning of a new year is a fitting—some […]

Boeuf Bourguignon

As much as I enjoy all the happiness and cheer of the holiday season, I, like many, am often quite exhausted after the hubbub is over. I have come to accept the fact that my chosen career path is one that requires working additional long and strenuous hours during most of the exciting occasions throughout […]