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Gallbladder Attack! A Very Painful but Preventable Condition

On the same day I thought it might be time for a chiropractic adjustment, I noticed a sharp, intense pain in the upper right side of my body, underneath my ribcage. Along with that, my upper right back muscles and lower right hip felt painful and stiff. I went to see Dr. Joe Givan, one […]

A Medicinal Salad Garden—Cuz the Roar of Spring Is Here!

I was recently given a great book. Not just any book, but rather a book by one of the foremost holistic practitioners ever! Thankfully, you can still find a number of books written by past geniuses in the field of nutrition, and I’ll talk about some of these great doctors later in this article. But […]

My Body Doth Stink! The Psychological Effects of Bathing

I recently read an old article from 1988 that discussed the efficacy of cleansing our minds and spirits of possibly long-forgotten peccadilloes, regrets, and resentments. The author effectively explored the subject of confession by cleverly comparing it to the cleansing of our inner self, just as we must give our outer self a physical bath. […]

Dinner from the Sea: The Ultimate Youth Serum

Are you like many cooks who rarely, if ever, grace your dinner table with the treasure trove of foods from our majestic seas? This very thought came to me recently. After rereading my own blog post about the nutritional promise of ribonucleic acid (RNA), a nutrient often touted as a special youth serum that’s abundant […]

Therapeutic Foods from the Hive: Lacking Energy? Try Royal Jelly

What started out as an average morning slowly became one of those days that made my eyes droop by 9:00 a.m.! I was in one of those scary zero-energy zones where all the willpower I could muster did nothing to help me face all the necessary tasks that lay ahead of me. This is frequently […]

Music to My Ears: The Healing Effects of Mozart

I find it interesting that in our pursuit of optimum health and our efforts to resolve lingering pain, anxiety, or hopelessness, we don’t take a serious look at the profound, healing effects of music. Not just any music, but music that’s been proven to help resolve many of our physical, mental, and, yes, even spiritual […]

Discussing Sea Vegetables: Not Just Nutrient but Super Nutrient!

Generally speaking, sea vegetables are primarily eaten by people in the Asian community. Interestingly enough, we also find an absence of obesity and thyroid disease in this culture! Ever wonder why? In view of our fever-pitched attempts to lose excess weight as well as the fact that so many of us take thyroid medications, it […]

Confused About Carbs? What the Experts Are Saying

“Carbs” is an abbreviated slang word for carbohydrates, a critical part of the human diet. I get more questions about this subject than almost any other food item. I subscribe to many email newsletters about nutrient dense foods, and carbs came up a lot in November, along with a cornucopia of Thanksgiving recipes. Each newsletter […]

Be Happy—No Matter What! The Happiness Neurotransmitters

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have a consistently happy, positive attitude? Do you think it’s possible to maintain a seemingly effervescent smile even when things aren’t going your way? Do you brood a lot? Are you blue, disappointed with your life, and lacking incentive to work on your dreams? Read on […]

Stumbling Blocks to Healing: The “Yeah, But” Story

 I was recently going through my closed client files, some of which I’d not looked at for a few years. As I read each file, I suddenly felt nostalgic. It was akin to pulling out old boxes of family photos and simply sitting and pondering over each one of them. Some photos bring us a […]

COFFEE, PLEASE: The Destructive Nature of Caffeine

What do you think is the most frequent answer to the question, What would you like to drink? Whether at someone’s home or in a restaurant, for the most part the answer is usually, Coffee, please! If we’re not drinking coffee at homes or restaurants, we’re drinking it at the coffee shops we see on […]

Goodbye Hot, Hello Cold: The Real Cause of Winter Colds

What I detail in this blog post will, hopefully, give you what I actually enjoyed last winter—not one single cold! Rather than list a ton of cold remedies, which no doubt most of you already have, I’d like to discuss why we experience what can turn out to be weeks of recurrent misery with one […]

Are You Avoiding Pasta? If Yes, This Blog Post Is for You

Heaven forbid that we should mention pasta. Why? Because the refined version is fattening, and it’s chock-full of simple carbohydrates and empty calories. In addition, the flour hasn’t been prepared properly by soaking it for easy digestion. To be honest, I’d not even thought of pasta for many years. But when a memory brought it […]

SWEAT IT OUT: When Other Remedies Don’t Work


I’ve been working with an out-of-state friend by phone for a little over a year, and we were recently discussing a horrific car accident she was in about a year ago. She’d sustained some very serious injuries, both internal and external. Prior to the accident, she hadn’t been a sickly person. As a matter of […]

When Your Pain Sucks! Cannabis Sativa vs. Traditional Remedies

Back pain

Pardon the title, as it may sound rude, but I truly believe that each one of us can identify with the phrase “pain sucks.” Because I’m no exception, I thought it would be helpful to update my readers about some tried and true traditional pain remedies and also discuss one particular not-so-new remedy that’s becoming […]

Soup in the Summer? Why It’s Wise to Eat Soup in the Summer

Woman making soup

I don’t know about you, but since I’m sort of a recluse I often tend to cogitate (to ponder on any one thing intently). This happened to me recently while I was quietly enjoying my lunch with some soft classical music in the background. Do you ever do that? Probably not many of us get […]

Pain Free Gardening: Help! What to Do After a Day of Bending, Kneeling, and Lifting

Gardener with back pain

It’s mid-July here in colorful Colorado—and for that matter, all over the country. For the most part, we’re in that precious time of year when, after a long, somber winter of browsing seed catalogs, we’re anxious to start digging into the earth. Yes, we true blue gardeners are finally in the thick of our gardening […]

Why I Switched to Stevia: The Sweet Leaf from Garden to Table

Stevia and strawberries

In a recent post regarding the healthiest sweeteners, I carefully detailed what are considered to be the most natural and safe sweeteners. I also included some modified recipes to demonstrate how we can and should cut down on our sweetener consumption, even for the ones we consider healthy and natural. In that same post, I […]

The SWEET Secret in Leafy Greens: Clarion Call to Eat More Greens!

Green smoothie

Are you one of the many millions of people who, even though you know how essential leafy greens are for your health, you—yes, you—nevertheless find at the end of the week that once again, you’ve not eaten any leafy greens! The feelings of remorse and guilt creep back for the umpteenth time, and with a […]

Blood Sugar Control: An Herbal & Food Perspective

Blood sugar control

Sometimes the usual foods we choose to keep our blood sugar stabilized are just that—“usual foods.” Take, for example, the common suggestion that we just eat a slice of cheese or drink a cup of coffee! Unfortunately, we forget, or simply don’t know, that for thousands of years many different herbs and foods have played […]