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Muscle Memory: What You Should Know

A good chiropractor (in my case, Dr. Joe Givan) is a genuine gift! In this blog post, I’m happy to share my understanding of Dr. Givan’s viewpoints (and some in-depth research of my own) about the phenomena of muscle memory. Regaining muscle strength and health was just one of the many important facets of my […]

Ready, Set, Grow! The Medicinal Side of Allium Sativum

Forgive me for being a little sneaky in an effort to get you to click on this particular blog post. Hopefully, my trick of using the Latin name for one of the most potent medicinal foods known got your attention! (Smile) Why is it so urgent that we talk about Allium sativum right now? Well, […]

Best Whole Body Foods: Nervous System, Bones, Muscles, Digestive System

Recently, a client asked me if I had an all-inclusive list of the most nutrient dense foods for our nervous system, bones, muscles, and digestive system, as well as some recipes that would help strengthen and preserve them over the long term. It seemed like a tall order, but then I recalled that Sally Fallon […]

The Blood Oxygen Phenomena! The Perilous Dangers of Low Level (O)

I have to admit that when all is said and done, healing may simply come down to knowing the most basic needs of the body in order for a sickened organ to begin the 180-degree turn, and head in the direction to heal a long-standing nonresponsive illness that despite all your efforts has plagued you […]

Did You Say Canned Butter? I’ve Something New to Share with You!

A while back, I wrote a blog post titled “Hard Times Are a Comin” about the importance of being somewhat prepared in the event of a short term local or national disaster. It received a good deal of attention, which signaled to me that this is a subject very much on people’s minds. I specifically […]

Raw Milk Awakening! Important, Exciting Facts You May NOT Know

My sense is that we can now find more information on raw milk than at any other time in our history thanks to Sally Fallon Morrell of the Weston A. Price Foundation. It’s even possible that many of you are tired of hearing about raw milk since it’s been written about in so many blog […]

Buckwheat & Buckwheat Leaf: The Ingredient in Buckwheat that May Prevent a Stroke

There’s no doubt that we’re all somewhat familiar with buckwheat, and many relish one particular aspect about it: yes, buckwheat is gluten-free! I frequently talk with people who tell me they can’t eat grains because they’re now “gluten-free.” They’ve become part of what I now playfully call the gluten-free craze, and I often refer them […]

20 Essential Herbal Tea Recipes: Tasty Blends for Health & Comfort

Herbal teas are reaching an astounding following throughout every corner of our little planet! Yes, more and more of us are buying expensive boxed teas, and we’re giving or receiving them as gift sets for all kinds of occasions. One of the biggest trends now is growing fresh herbs, many of which are uniquely suited […]

The Lymphatic System: Detox with Gentle Herbal Methods

The lymphatic system is often associated with cancer, so I thought it would be good to alert my readers to some TLC (tender loving care) methods that may prevent some of the more serious disorders that come with toxic lymph glands.  The importance of keeping the lymph glands healthy applies to just about all of […]

Grain Salad Recipes Galore: Hot Weather Nutrient Dense Choices

Like millions of other outdoorsy types (myself included), you’ve probably noticed that increasingly warm weather is right around the corner. This is when our appetites seem to slow down and we’re likely to eat less. Sometimes when it’s hot enough, we can even eat as little as one full meal a day, plus a few […]

A Nutty Discussion: The Good & Not So Good on Nuts!

As many of us become more conscious of foods that provide superior nourishment, the phrase “nutrient dense” (which, as I understand it, was first coined by Sally Fallon Morrell of the Weston A. Price Foundation) has taken center stage. Yet recently I’ve seen an enormous amount of blog posts, recipes, and articles espouse the utter […]

A Corn and Cornmeal Primer: Nixtamalization and More—A Must Read!

One of the more complex questions for those of us who use corn and cornmeal, or who want to learn how to use them, is the process called nixtamalization (niks-tamal-ization). According to some, there’s something wrong with using corn that hasn’t been nixtamalized. However, learning the nitty-gritty of what it all means can be a […]

Gallbladder Attack! A Very Painful but Preventable Condition

On the same day I thought it might be time for a chiropractic adjustment, I noticed a sharp, intense pain in the upper right side of my body, underneath my ribcage. Along with that, my upper right back muscles and lower right hip felt painful and stiff. I went to see Dr. Joe Givan, one […]

A Medicinal Salad Garden—Cuz the Roar of Spring Is Here!

I was recently given a great book. Not just any book, but rather a book by one of the foremost holistic practitioners ever! Thankfully, you can still find a number of books written by past geniuses in the field of nutrition, and I’ll talk about some of these great doctors later in this article. But […]

My Body Doth Stink! The Psychological Effects of Bathing

I recently read an old article from 1988 that discussed the efficacy of cleansing our minds and spirits of possibly long-forgotten peccadilloes, regrets, and resentments. The author effectively explored the subject of confession by cleverly comparing it to the cleansing of our inner self, just as we must give our outer self a physical bath. […]

Dinner from the Sea: The Ultimate Youth Serum

Are you like many cooks who rarely, if ever, grace your dinner table with the treasure trove of foods from our majestic seas? This very thought came to me recently. After rereading my own blog post about the nutritional promise of ribonucleic acid (RNA), a nutrient often touted as a special youth serum that’s abundant […]

Therapeutic Foods from the Hive: Lacking Energy? Try Royal Jelly

What started out as an average morning slowly became one of those days that made my eyes droop by 9:00 a.m.! I was in one of those scary zero-energy zones where all the willpower I could muster did nothing to help me face all the necessary tasks that lay ahead of me. This is frequently […]

Music to My Ears: The Healing Effects of Mozart

I find it interesting that in our pursuit of optimum health and our efforts to resolve lingering pain, anxiety, or hopelessness, we don’t take a serious look at the profound, healing effects of music. Not just any music, but music that’s been proven to help resolve many of our physical, mental, and, yes, even spiritual […]

Discussing Sea Vegetables: Not Just Nutrient but Super Nutrient!

Generally speaking, sea vegetables are primarily eaten by people in the Asian community. Interestingly enough, we also find an absence of obesity and thyroid disease in this culture! Ever wonder why? In view of our fever-pitched attempts to lose excess weight as well as the fact that so many of us take thyroid medications, it […]

Confused About Carbs? What the Experts Are Saying

“Carbs” is an abbreviated slang word for carbohydrates, a critical part of the human diet. I get more questions about this subject than almost any other food item. I subscribe to many email newsletters about nutrient dense foods, and carbs came up a lot in November, along with a cornucopia of Thanksgiving recipes. Each newsletter […]