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Myth Busting Our Furry Best Friends

Dogs have been a big part of my life as long as I can remember. Their excitement when I walk through the door is such an ego boost. And their willingness to listen, without judgment, to whatever I need to share is therapeutic. As I watch our pup, Cleo, pass the days being her doggie […]

Know Your Alternatives: The Many Options for Healthcare

One of the hottest hot button topics out there is alternative medicine. And most of us aren’t exactly wishy-washy about our opinions—we either believe in it or classify it as voodoo medicine. Heck, the very idea that nutrition can heal our bodies and minds has led to heated conversations and strong resistance from people I’ve […]

What’s the Deal with Sleepwalking?

We have a sleepwalker in our house, folks. The first time it happened was unnerving, to put it mildly. Our sweet little eight-year-old boy wandered into the living room, blankly stared at my hubby and I, and began relieving himself onto the wood floors with a maniacal laugh. What the what?! After getting him changed […]

Sauces of Summer

Summer is the time to pick, prepare, grill, and/or just gobble up raw all kinds of luscious, fresh foods. And we’re right in the thick of it, my friends. This is the perfect time to make some simple changes to your nutrition routine—and love every bite of it—with a few uncomplicated sauces of summer that […]

Declare Your Health Independence

Independence Day—the day we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress back on July 4, 1776. My challenge to you is to make July 4, 2017, be the day you declare your health independence. Health independence simply means taking personal responsibility for your health. We’re not talking about the […]

Garlic: All That and a Bag of Chips

Garlic. It’s pungent, robust, and even a little sweet when prepared a certain way. It lends itself to every cuisine on the planet and gives recipes that little extra something that makes all the difference in the final product. And on top of its many culinary qualities, garlic offers natural medicinal benefits as well. Garlic […]

Signs of the Times

As our world advances, so too do the issues we deal with on a regular basis. Most of us are aware of the health concerns associated with sitting for too long. After so many years of the Standard American Diet (SAD), we know how important it is to get (and keep) our blood sugar levels […]

A Worthy Summer Reading List

Something about lazy summer days makes me think of attacking my reading list. A few of the titles are fiction, and a few are nonfiction. Some suggested, some self-discovered. Some opened up and partially read, others brand new and inviting me in. They all have two things in common: they’ve been piling up next to […]

Powerful Exercises You Can Do Anywhere—No Equipment Required

There are almost as many excuses for not exercising as there are people who make them. Not enough time, you might say to yourself. Can’t find the perfect activity, you lament. And so on. We all know how it goes. But have you ever considered that it might be easier to throw in the metaphorical […]

Answers to Your Questions About Cellulite

With the passing of Memorial Day comes the swift arrival of swimsuit season (or, for us non-swimmers, short- and tank top-season). Some of us are excited by the promise of showing more skin as the days of summer approach. But others of us feel nothing but unease and dread about what’s hidden under our sleeves […]

Fat! What Is It Good For?

If you’ve been on your self-health adventure for any length of time, you already know that one of the most frustrating conversations you can have with people who simply follow the status quo is about fat. More specifically, the need to avoid it when we’re trying to lose weight. Lately, I’ve given up pointing out […]

What If We Didn’t Have Eyebrows?

When I was looking in the mirror the other day, a few questions popped in my head: Why do we have eyebrows? What exactly is the purpose of those two swaths of hair? And what would happen if we didn’t have them? It was time for a little digging. Hooray! Before we humans evolved to […]

Don’t Think You Have Time for Exercise?

If you’ve been meaning to build more physical activity into your every day life but think it will take up too much time, you’re going about it all wrong. An all or nothing approach is quite foolish when it comes to your health. It simply allows you to put off what you know you need […]

Early Birds vs. Night Owls

Being raised on a dairy farm where everyone had to pitch in, it was my birthright to be an early bird. This trait has stuck with me so far in life. If you ask me to stay up late, I’d have to struggle to make it happen— but I rarely miss those early morning events. […]

This Is Your Brain Sans Sunshine

At the time of this writing, we’re going on the fourteenth consecutive day of gray skies here in Iowa. The weather folks tell us we’ll hit seventeen before there’s even a chance the sun will rear its gorgeous head. When that day arrives, I envision all of us standing outside with our faces to the […]

Grown-Up Versions of a Classic Sandwich

I have great news, folks! According to my Celebrate Everything calendar, April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Celebrating this classic sandwich, which doubles as a major comfort food, is some fun I can get behind. While I spent my childhood nibbling on the standard interpretation of the grilled cheese—bread, butter, and cheese—I’ve come […]

Rules for Purging Your Pantry

If you’re like me, you go through cycles of squirreling away food like, well, a squirrel. Maybe you buy ingredients for a new recipe you never try. Perhaps you get a great deal on that “super food” that no one liked. Or it could be that you’re just in a rut from cooking the same […]

Top 3 Ways to Get Your Produce Locally

Every year when the spring equinox rolls around I start craving the ultra-freshness of local fruits and vegetables. Aside from the vibrant flavors, local produce is also nutritionally superior to the stuff that’s trucked in from the other side of the country (and skipping the trucks altogether is better for the air we breathe too). […]

What Your Doc Wants You to Know

So often, we’re apprehensive about speaking up in the doctor’s office. Our doc is the expert, so we think: Don’t doubt his or her suggestions. Don’t look foolish by admitting you got lost in the conversation. Just be a good patient and go with the flow. I’m not saying this is the way it should […]