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SRP Releases Second Book in Applied Nutrition Series

TFTII cover

What if we told you that the nutritional debacle of the modern American diet was predicted—with frightening accuracy—more than half a century ago? Would you file it under Oh well and get on with your day? Or, after you picked your jaw up off the floor, would you demand to know why those warnings were […]

Meat Stock and Bone Broth: You’re Doing It Wrong

Meat Stock and Bone Broth cover

If you or someone you care for is on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet, you could be dealing with a problem that you don’t even know about. The result could be a slower recovery, aggravated symptoms, or other unhealthy consequences. But don’t worry—chef, teacher, and author Monica Corrado is here to fix it. […]

Teaching Kids How to Live and Cook the “Nourishing Traditions” Way

Nourishing Traditions children's cookbook

Nourishing Traditions—part cookbook, part phenomenon—inspired half a million people to return to the wisdom of traditional human diets and start eating healthfully again. The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care gave pregnant mothers, as well as moms with newborns and children, a comprehensive guide to valuable holistic nutrition and advice on everything from […]

Introducing New CDs from Selene River Press

CDs new to SRP

Selene River Press presents new CDs from two big names in the fields of herbal medicine and veterinarian practice: Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc (WHM), and Dr. Tom Cameron, DVM. As a leading member of the MediHerb team for over 20 years, Lee Carroll bolsters his unique insights into the clinical application of evidence-based herbal medicine […]

Monica Corrado Helps Students Achieve Their Best Eating Habits, Well-Being

Monica at Athenry Farm

“It was a power packed mind blowing learning experience and I loved it!” So says Elaine Boland—blogger and owner of Fields of Athenry Farm—of a cooking class. Chances are high that when a cooking class is described as “a mind blowing learning experience,” Monica Corrado taught it. Boland was so impressed with what she learned […]

You Spoke, We Listened…Introducing Our Publisher’s Printout Editions

Culturing Dairy and Men in Kitchens PPEs

Meat Stock and Bone Broth. Culturing Dairy. Men in Kitchens. These are some of our most popular ebooks, and now they’re available in a high quality printed format. That’s right. We heard you loud and clear: Ebooks just don’t always work for you. You like your cookbooks in the kitchen. You need to write notes […]

Introducing Dr. Ron Carsten’s Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide

This is big. The Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide by Dr. Ron Carsten is destined to become a new industry bible—and it’s available now at Selene River Press. With this invaluable tool at your fingertips, you’ll have comprehensive, up-to-date information that will help you lead pet owners to a deeper understanding of how their animals can […]

Can Probiotics Console the Inconsolable?

The inconsolable crying of a colicky baby. How are parents supposed to cope? They try everything, but nothing helps. Back in January, NPR reported some new research published by JAMA Pediatrics. Colicky babies in Europe were given a form of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri with the idea that friendly bacteria could help them develop their digestive […]

The Three Tolerances

This article takes a look at the book From Soil to Supplement, a course in diet, food and nutrition from one of the most prescient nutritionists of the century, Dr. Royal Lee. You can find more important information in our tag, Notes from the Archives. There are three tolerances, Dr. Royal Lee tells us, and they […]

The Gut Brain Connection

Had any gut feelings lately? Your gut bacteria may be trying to tell you something. Science is starting to confirm what some already know—that what happens in our gut affects what goes on in our brains and also influences our moods and our feelings. This makes sense considering the fact that there’s a ten to […]

Buckwheat’s Secret Weapon—Rutin

What do fruit, onions, buckwheat, and tea have in common? The answer is rutin, part of the vitamin P group of the vitamin C complex. Rutin is also a compound at the heart of a startling discovery. As outlined in this article in Harvard Magazine, researchers found that rutin contains “potent anticlotting powers that could […]

Best SRP Recipes of 2013

A hard choice but here they are—our staff favorites from Chef Briana’s 2013 menu.  For a healthy and delicious new year, add these keepers to your repertoire—and don’t forget to mix it up a bit with our upcoming 2014 recipes. Shiitake Vegetable Soup — No one wants to start the new year with a cold! […]