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Become a Self-Healther

Are you interested in eating healthy but don’t know where to start? With all the conflicting dietary advice out there, it’s no wonder that confusion reigns. Eat low fat. No, eat low carb. Eat vegetarian. No, eat like a caveman. How can you tell fact from fiction? There’s only one way: Get educated. With the […]

It’s Time to Get Dirty

Discover the joys of self-reliance! As concerns about food safety grow, more and more people are turning to self-sufficiency. For some, it’s about their yearning for a deeper connection with the land, one like their grandparents had. Others just enjoy backyard farming as a hobby. If you’d like to turn your backyard into an oasis […]

Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal

Never have foods so rich in flavor and so packed with nutrients been shown so little love. But such is the case for what we affectionately call “offal” meats. Long prized by adventurous chefs and regional cooks—but shunned by the rest of us—cuts from the tongue to the tail have disappeared from the American consciousness as […]

Selene River Press Has a New Look!

Welcome to our new website! Peruse our books and other products, check out our blog and sign up to receive our blog newsletter, and discover a collection of rare articles in the historical archives. Here you’ll find all the resources you need for a healthy whole foods diet. Photo from iStock/davidf